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Martes, Nobyembre 10, 2015

Thought to do late update of Ms. UNIVERSE 2012_CWS

MS. UNIVERSE 2012_Late Update

Congratulations to Princess Violeta for making it to top 6 of Ms. Universe 2012. Bagging the first Runner Up despite of hardship, competing with professional models & dealing with  RL issues. It's a great honor to the Infinity clan, that all efforts are well paid off.

From left to right: 6th Runner Up_Silky V , First Runner Up Princess Violeta, Ms. Universe 2012_Liberty Lighthouse, 2nd Runner Up_Janet Brink,  4th Runner Up Kiralyn Destiny & 5th Runner Up _Ms. Sunrae Suntzu

The 6 contenders for Ms. Universe 2012 from left to right Laci Rossini, Sunrae Suntzu,  Kiralyn destiny ,  Janet brink ,       Liberty  Lighthouse, Silky Vv, 

The six contenders for Ms. Universe 2012  are Janet Brink- Ms Peru, Liberty Lighthouse- Ms Brazil, Sunrae Suntzu-- Ms France, Jaylynn47 C- Ms Africa, HotlipsLizzy R- Ms Canada, Kiralyn Destiny- Ms China, Violetagrace Resident-Ms USA,  Adrianna A-Ms Italy, Laci Rossini - Ms Japan., Silkyvv Resident- United Kingdom. 

Biography of Princess Violeta: 
               *Her name is Princess Violeta from Infinity Kingdom. She is surrounded by loving people, and she returns their love with a kind and gentle care. Her RL counts as SL. She  sells trendy and fashionable apparels in RL online. She started her modeling career at HOB (House of Beningborough) on her 2nd week on SL and knew one day she would have a big name in the line of fashion and modeling industry in SL. 

*She is trendy and has a passion for fashion. It is already in her nature to love to style, and with her wild and unique imagination, her opportunities have grown in SL. She gives encourages all models to be determined, dedicated and have faith on achieving their goals, which helps them to boost self confidence. 

* She accomplished her modeling certification from CWS under the scholarship program. She won several stylings, and do runway fashion shows. She learned a lot, and not only modeling techniques but also how to value a certain feeling of a person, and help them uplift their spirits and cheer them up when they are feeling down.

 * She established a good rapport in  modeling world which allowed her to fulfill one of her wildest dreams along with the help of those great friends she treasured most. 

*She is inspired by Treb Dagger, who helped her a lot to recover from all her miseries she was been through, and her CWS mentors  and friends who are always there to support by all means. She and Treb have future plans to meet soon. 

Princess Violeta Close up 􀀇

Final Category : Formal  Gown "Creative Theme"          

"Soar high, fly high like an eagle" Her creative theme gown portrays the bald eagle, Uncle Sam's diamond and gold production which is one factor that makes the USA a powerful country of all nations.

The bald eagle is the national bird of USA. Full of the boundless spirit of freedom, it lives above the valleys, strong and powerful in its might. The bald eagle became the national emblem of a country that offers freedom in word and thought and an opportunity for a full and free expansion into the boundless space of the future. Her accessories include a diamond rose because the rose is the national flower of USA, and the "Uncle Sam Diamond" is a 40.23 carat white diamond that stands as the largest diamond ever found in North America. Doesn't she look stunning! 

She was amazed upon seeing the golden gown, and knew she had to have it. The elegant gold silk ensemble accentuates her shapely body.  Featuring an enticing sweetheart neckline with a hot trend cut out bandeau, an eye catching glitters on the right side looks like a fiery eagle eye, and a lovely artistic sculpted breast deco enhances the glamorous silhouette. Her sensational skirt with mermaid flare cut billows like a powerful eagle spreading her wings freely while ruling the sky with a filigree of sheer glittery gold. The fantastic drape sash and a sculpted bow tied at the back offers a surprisingly sexy detail. The long train is like an eagle's feathery tail that sweeps gracefully in every move. 

The breathtaking and detailed earrings and rings are made from diamond and formed into a rose flower from Lazuri and a gold choker from Utopia. 

She completed her fiery look with sultry green eyes with phenomenal layers of fantastic eye shadows from madrid and striking gold and diamond lashes from finesmith. Her crowning glory is a gold feather headpiece with a gold citrine from Tukinowaguma. Her alluring strappy sandals are from MJS. 

Now she's ready for her journey to conquer fearlessly, with strong determination, and achieve what she wants. “AIM HIGH, SOAR HIGH, FLY HIGH, GOD BLESS AMERICA”

Formal Gown Creative Theme Styling: 

Gown:  MLC Fallen gold by MonaLisa Coutoure
Accessories: Lazuri Spring Collection
makes ups: Miamai CAtwalk Lashes
                   Miamai Lesmake up Maudite
                    Madrid Solocarne blush on
                   Holiday Tlae Lashes from finesmith
Hair : Edda brown from Tukinowaguma 
        Hearthawing headpiece from Tukinowaguma
Shoes: MJS FAllen Stilleto Gold


2nd Category:   Talent  Masquarade Party.
Talent song title: God bless America by Celine Dion _2 mins. 
                          Fireworks by Kattie perry_3 mins.  

Princess Violeta Talent Close up

Being a nationalistic, VioletaGrace is going to present the grandest and merriest way of celebrating
INDEPENDENCE DAY ... or the 4th of July. 

Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States and commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies. It's the time to celebrate the history, government, and traditions of the United States.

Attending a masquerade party, she's wearing a fabulous 4th of July ensemble which features a halter corset with a sweethearts plunging neckline embedded with a blue, red and white color. The design showcases her curvaceous body and an enticing pleated ruffled mini skirt with a glamorous train, enhanced with a sculpted bow at the back, flaunts her adorable long legs, . She looks cute in her bowtie. Her classy prom hair is from Truth adorned with a patriotic hat embellished with lovely roses, sparkling stars and a pretty sheer flower deco. She's holding a flag to show her pride in that she is an American citizen. Her lovely mask adds some excitement and evades those who would easily recognize her. She furnishes her outfit with spectacular patriotic boots, fervid nails and a fabulous set of accessories. 

She offers another glimpse into her American pride as she changes her outfit to represents the Statue of Liberty. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France, she represents the Roman goddess of freedom. She bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

The gorgeous  one shoulder slant top and a bewitching skirt, with a drape design embellished with star pattern, definitely helps to bring out womanly silhouette. The Torch and the crown shows her enthusiasm from the empire state. She also wear a skin that matches the the color of the statue of liberty, 

A patriot in heart, mind and soul, Violeta chose INDEPENDENCE DAY for her talent because of its impact in USA history. Giving thanks with family gatherings enhance close family ties while enjoying the festivity. As well as 
commemorating those many lives that was been sacrificed in order to achieve the freedom that the current generation enjoys. Celebrating the biggest event of the history is a way of giving honor to those unsung heroes. She dances gracefully in her talent which is harmonized by the tunes of God bless America by Celine Dion and fireworks sung by Kattie Perry.

 Princess Violeta Talent Full Body

1st Category:  Swimwear Outfit _ Exotic "Theme" 

Princess Violeta Swimwear Close up
*The heat is on! Princess Violeta was inspired to wear an extraordinary swimsuit made from the natural resources of the beautiful tropical island of Hawaii. She's a typical nature lover who loves to explore and discover the mystery beyond its promising milieu.

*Prior to her wild imaginations, she modifies her swimsuit. She's wearing an enticing bandeau top which is made from coco shells in a strapless shape. Embellished with spectacular pearls , it lends maximum full lift cleavage with built in super soft padding made from coconut spathe to give her comfort. Enhanced with peculiar pearls which serves as a splendid string that holds together with another coco shell at the back. Her sultry thong manifests sensuality while she maneuvers and fascinates everyone's attention.

*Adding a touch of gilded beauty to her look, she wears a glitz of brown gems for her eyeshadow and brown blush on. Her head is adorned with a lustrous braided long crowning glory from Tukinowaguma admired and envied by every beautiful women. She graces with a complete set custom made accessories by GeorgiaStar Chau of Two lilttle Sisters which combines Princess's ideas on regards to textures to use. Her lovely Back to Nature wedges are from Finesmith. She finishes with fabulous brown nails from Mandala. Oh yeah! SHE'S ONE OF A KIND...

Princess Violeta  SWimwear  Full Body

Swimwear Exotic Styling: 

Swimsuit: PS Coco Shell_modify
       coconut headress_Customized from Two Little                                Sisters
        Coconut Jewelry Set_Customized  from Two Little Sisters
Make ups: Lelutka Gem
                 Brown Blush on from  Facepaint
                 Madrid Solo Fantasy make up
                 glow eyelashes_Earth
Shoes: Back to Nature Sepia wild Sandal
Nails: mandala Takara brown nails 
Hair: Nottry Ebony from Tukinugawa


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