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Miyerkules, Mayo 2, 2012


                         Welcome to CWS  Mr. & Ms. TOP MODEL 2012 Pageant, April 29, 2012, 4pm slt. I was been excited  about the said pageant. I feel exhausted of waiting, it  keeps me on waking up early for 2 days, and I keep on looking at my clock.  it's like that I  am   on  the hot seat, whew! so excited. When I  arrived  at CWS pageant dome 5 mins. before the pageant starts, the place is already packed with  people who wants to witness the pageant.

Audience seat from L to R: Princess Violeta, Dulci, Phillipe Bryon

                Anrol Anthony, the CWS CEO, is in front of the mic and  starts to announce.  She captioned  " We are Celebrating our 4 years Successful Anniversary.  Anybody who will watch our show will get this beautiful Gown w/ mini skirt. Just  look at me I am wearing our Janet 4 years Anniversary outfit. This comes in 3 colors.. Red, blue and Gold .You must be here until we finish the show and  message me after the show and I will send to you directly." Wow, Anrol will give some gowns. What a generous person indeed.


As  Anrol Anthony continues to announce,  "If you are here to blog our event, please make sure to send me your application.  And if you dont have an application message me.  I will Choose 2  bloggers winner to win 5000L each.  Please have a sit and we will start the show soon. OMG, this is really cool. Crossing my fingers and wish to win. 5KL is  a good sum of linden to buy gowns, dresses and any stuff you want. (grins)


Classic With Style is growing fast, they added a new sim by popular demand, and grand opening will takes place soon. Anrol continue announcing that CWS is the num 1 Blog in SL. Yes, it's true coz i keep on browsing CWS blog everyday. If you wish to visit their  blogs,  I attached one of the link, They have 6000's visitors and more than 500 members linked to CWS blog. Oh, what a great number. 
              Anrol reminds the spectators to tune in  and  prohibit from voice chatting during  the finale, in order to hear the live  announcement of    amazing DJ/ Emcee Wildrose.  She added to remove scripted items that  can help to lessen the lag.  
             The most awaited moment was about to begin. Anrol greets and welcome all of us. Anrol captioned,  "Greetings, Everybody, and Welcome to the final event for the Ms Top Model Pageant. Tonight we will be giving away more than 200,000 lindens prizes, "YES" more than two hundred forty five thousand lindens. Most of you probably know me, but for those who don't, my name is Anrol Anthony and I'm the CEO of Classic w/Style. Also let me introduce my partner -- a loving and hardworking husband  -- Steve101 Mccullough the CEO here at Classic W/ Style" . Awww, so sweet of her. Before the program proceed, she make a few announcement and remind again the spectators to remove some scripted stuff and refrain from voice chatting during the event. Anrol and Steve was thankful to all  CWS  staffs who work hard and dedicate themselves to be an inspiration by countless people. They are  grateful for the amity they have for a lifetime. 
                      I heard several applauses from the spectators, when Anrol quoted "all our  finalists in this pageant have had the opportunity to learn the finer points of modeling and stagecraft." CWS is truly awesome. While Debbieboo screamed  "lag is a models best friend" makes me laughs. Debbie is a  funny person to be with. Anrol continue to quote  " Our regular contests have given each of our finalists the opportunity for countless practice sessions -- honing their craft the only way that matters -- on the stage in front of the judges. Today,  marks the culmination  of work and months of dedication to the art of modeling for these  finalists. The she introduce the judges. "Before we meet our contestants, let me take a moment to introduce our  3 judges who hold fates in the palms of their avs. Our judges will give our top finalists from 1 to 10 score and ten is the highest score." 

The Judges
                                The  judges are well familiar about on how to judge on each category. Anrol introduce the first judge,  Ms Lillou Merlin, a woman in pink gown an i chatted with her a little bit. It's a pleasure meeting and knowing her. She is approachable and fun to talk with.  " Ms Lillous Merlin One of the greatest designers in SecondLife.  Binging the gap from real life artisan to second life fashion designer came very naturally for Ms Merlin.  She love the outfits of so many real work fashion designers, that  she can't name one particular favorite. In  Second Life, she  finds that there are too many wonderful creators to name just one.  She love the diversity of styles here. Anrol introduces the 2nd judge,  Ms Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz, she was been their friend since they started sl. Ms. Harley  been in SL for 4 years.  She  co-own DIA Photography with Kyra Ishtari and  CEO of DIA MODEL INC. She  loves building, scripting, and whatever is thrown to her and she will  take the challenge and do her  best I as she can . She belong to the Golden Heron League and the Open Gates Support community, these two groups were developed to help the mentally and physically challenged that she have  joined her  family in SL. It gives them the opportunity to be able to feel part of the SL family. She offer her  knowledge and support to anyone that needs help or she's  there to just listen to them when they are down about anything and everything in  SL or RL. Wonderful, lucky to be  Ms. harley's  friend. Anrol further quotes " In that thing we call RL, she is a 46 yrs young single mother of two beautiful girls and one loving but trying boy with special needs, we live in upstate NY. She work as a teachers asst. in helping autistic children.  She have been working with autistic children for 15 years and love her job entirely.   She do a lot of charity work with my biker family, these charities are usually for children or families in need.   She have  love to ride and build harleys, and have been in many cross country rides. To sum it up she is  a very open, honest, and loving person in both  worlds (sl  & rl) and try to live each to its fullest. The 3rd Judge is Ms  Sage Pixie. Oh, applauses fills the dome. Sage has been in SL for almost 2 years, building her brand and sim. Her style is sophisticated but always sexy and fun. She tries to create designs which are the SL Women can go and do anything without breaking her bank. She is innovative, bringing most everything that women needs to her shop and island. Hard work is her approach as she designs new releases more than weekly and has wonderful clothing for the beach or the ball. Sage always has discounts and games to make the "experience" fun . She focuses her efforts on her sim but her brand is sold on several of  SL's best known retail spots. Sage's red hair is an indication of the fire in her soul which drives her to make SL more fun for everyone
                 Again Anrol announces to those who will  blog the  event, she makes sure  to send  an application. Two bloggers will be chosen  and  will win  5000L each.  Geeee, my hands are shaking, and hushed up to blog the said event. Who knows, i might win. (giggles)
                         The event started. Applauses and cheers to the contestants makes my eardrums to explode. (laughs). The first event in today's pageant is the Swimwear competition and the Theme is 1960's.  Each contestant has been asked to create a look of their own  --  and based on something that inspires or moves them -- and to present it to us. In addition, they have written an explanation of the outfit and what it means to them. Anrol  clarifies that all the information being copy paste on the local chat are exactly the same note what was written. She also send notes to the judges for their reference and the basis for the finalist score to score them from 1 to 10. The names and categories been organized. Anrol instructed the judges to save the score before sending her the  copy of score in every event together with the comments. 
                           The pageant begins and Anrol call out the 3rd Place Finalists  Mr Reese Shawbridge. Applauses and cheers rocks the dome when Mr. Shawbridge comes out. 
Mr. Top Model 3rd Finalist Mr. Rez Shawbridge

          Reese Shawbridge is the proud owner of not only Babylon 5, a long running roleplay sim, but also the popular Club Halflife. A man of many interests and always keen to expand his horizons. Reese started his second life all the way back in march of 2008, as a lowly crime scene investigator in a New York based sim. And it wasn't long before he became hooked on SL thanks to all the interesting people he met there. So when the sim closed, Reese set off to explore what else second life could offer him. His adventures took him back to his roots as a fan of science fiction as he discovered the wide reaching network of Stargate sims that were around at the time. And from there, through a chance trip through a gate, he discovered the sim that would become his home from home; Babylon 5. Run at the time by three talented friends; Dollwife Pink, Vicky Vielle and Nivea Allen, the little sim, an almost perfect replica of the TV show, opened his eyes to what was really possible in second life, the wonders that could be achieved with enough dedication. And as the sim grew over the years Reese grew with it, finding a home and many wonderful friends. So great was his admiration for the sim, that when it suffered financial difficulties, he stepped in and saved it from falling becoming its primary owner and breathing new life into it once more. As the years passed though, Reese grew to realise that SL could be for so much than mere games, and so he put his talents to work entertaining the people as a DJ in the various nightclubs around second life. Supported by his friends and his unquenchable ambition he took it one step further, and founded his own club, Club Halflife, where he could play as he pleased and also offer other DJ's a place to show off their skills. But Reese is a man who never backs down from trying his hand at something new, and so when Anrol Anthony handed him a notecard about modelling with CWS, it didn't take long for Reese to step up to the challenge. The hard work and dedication required came as a shock at first but Reese has weathered it well and after some long and interesting practice sessions he stands with us now as an official CWS model. His avatar, as varied over the years as his second life itself, is currently sporting the Casanova - Royale Edition shape and skin by .:Bohemian:., lovingly altered by Debbieboo Tigerfish to better suit his unique sense of style. Reese wouldn't be the man he was today without the support of his friends in second life, and most certainly wouldn't have been able to join us today without them backing him every step of the way since his arrival back in 2008. He'd like to thank them all for their faith and support, especially Emma Ditko, who has stood faithfully behind him in each of his endeavors  so far. His Swimwear 1960s Theme. These trunks, originally from the spring 2009 collection of Shinichi Mathy and found in his store on SL Marketplace, are a long time favourite of Reeses. He finds the retro style appealing and the bright hawaiian pattern reminds him of summer holidays in exotic locations.
                         Anrol called the next finalsit Ms. Sunrae  Suntzu. Her Second Life began on 11-27-2005.  There are many things she enjoys about SL but her favorites are modeling, shopping, talking to people from all over the world and listening to live singers. Sunrae's modeling career began in February 2010.  She had never considered modeling, but just kind of fell into it.  She received a group notice from Classic with Style fashion that noted they offer free training in modeling, so she contacted them and began a line of questions that ultimately led to her attending their university.  Their grooming paid off.  After she graduated she begin entering contest which escalated into more opportunities, including fashion shows, photography and other styling and modeling. She says to become successful in the modeling universe models have to have certain accomplishments in nature and nurture. Natural accomplishments merely have to be trimmed and fostered, but nurtured accomplishments have to be fixed and insisted into the mind through habits and actions done on a regular basis. She has accomplished these two streams through a combination of poise, very careful precision, good style and ongoing training. Her most significant love for modeling is doing pageant competitions and she is the crown winner of the Ms Hollywood 2011 pageant and has placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in other pageants.   She also enjoys doing fashion shows and photo modeling. In addition to modeling she and her partner own a live music venue and they also breed and sell horses. Her avatar selection was based on general physical attributes such as height, body shape, facial features, and color of the eyes and hair, and skin tone.  She designed her avatar to have an appearance of beauty, elegance and poise.  Her Swimwear outfit: Style 1960's bikini.  In 1960 Brian Hyland's #1 hit song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" inspired a bikini buying spree.  The market couldn't put them out fast enough.  Even though not as risky as those of today, the bikini rage moved young women from the more modest swimwear to a more revealing bikini, and polka dots were popular. The song is about a very shy girl wearing a revealing polka dot bikini to the beach.  She is afraid to leave the locker where she has changed into her bikini, then she makes it to the beach but sits on the sand wrapped in a blanket and she finally goes into the ocean, but is too afraid to come out and stays immersed in the water despite the fact that she's turning blue.  Sunrae says she isn't sure why a girl would buy a bikini that she is too embarrassed to wear, but not her; she flaunts her yellow polka dot bikini.  This bikini is sexy, even if it does date back to the sixties. Sunrae's itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini is by designer Iota Ultsch of Tres Jolie. The bikini bottom is typical of the sixties, falling below the naval, at the hip.  The bikini top is trimmed with a bow in front and fastens with a slip clasp in the back. She digs this bikini because it makes a bold fashion statement and it stands apart from the others on the beach, and yellow looks fab with her boss tan.  And isn't this 60's flip hairdo by Sebass Easterwood groovy?  She styles her yellow polka dot bikini with a hip sun hat from D&T designs.  These far out canvas yellow polka dot sneakers are by Jinkies. (pic not uploaded because Sunrae's hair is not completely rezzed.) 
Ms. Top Model 2012, Ms. Janet Brink
 The next finalsit is Ms. Janet Brink. Janet Brink entered Second Life January 14, 2007 skin and hair was still in it's infancy, everyone was hoping for improvements. Her early days were spent learning everything she could about building, she created wonderful, realistic castles, villas, and a second life scaled model of Chateau Chenonceau, complete with interior details. One day a friend told her about modeling, so she searched SL and found the Classic with Style ad, she was so impressed, she enrolled Nov 2011 to classes at UCWS and thinks it was and is a wonderful experience. She just graduated from UCWS Advanced classes and was honored to be the first to have a doctorate for modeling in Second Life.  She also participation in many styling events, and strives to give her best.  Photography is one of her loves, so taking photography classes was the perfect idea to blend her love of wonderful pictures with her styling. She has seen SL grow and mature, and her love for shopping is a joy for her new love of the runway. She loves to spend hours, finding the perfect shoe for the gown, the perfect hair, the perfect jewelry, the perfect makeup. She is very conservative in her views of fashion, but looks for that distinctive, unique gown or costume.  She has a great eye for styling and works hard for that 'Perfect" look that is needed in modeling.  She thanks a couple of her friends for steering her in this direction, and she is endeavoring to be a great model and be dedicated to her training and pursuit of her goals.  Janet Brink would like to  her styling and talent for this wonderful pageant. This first is styling 1960's swim wear, people always get the 50's, 60's and 70's mixed up, so I decided that this was the perfect swim wear, as it could be dated and verified. This is a SL copy of a bikini that actress Ursula Andress wore in the James Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962.  Andress became famous as Honey Ryder, a shell diver and James Bond's object of desire in the first Bond movie, in the well-known scene, she rises out of the Caribbean Sea in a white bikini. This lovely bikini is by SF design called << Ursula >>, the detail is wonderful, a lovely top that hooks in the back, with thin shoulder straps, wonderful details on the cups and front, with lovely edging details. The bikini bottom has the same detailed edging with a prim half belt that has exquisite detail.  The outfit is finished with a divers knife with a wooden handle, similar to the one she was wearing in the beach scene. Swim wear: SF design - Ursula bikini
Hair: Vanity Hair - Miss Sixty-Teen Blonde
Jewelry:  NOD - Puka-Abalone  
Shoes: N-Core - Xtreme Heel - Pearl
Skin: Belleza -Erika - Pale
Makeup: Mock & Madrid Solo
Shape:  Custom Model Swim Shape by Ziva Brink  

                           Applause and cheers for the finalist, while waiting  for the the judges to tally the  scores for their final standing,  Anrol call out the newly  and fresh  CWS gorgeous models which graduated couples  of   days ago,  to give some entertainment. They are Liberty, Nicki, ooSaroo, Aurora, LindaSpice. 

It's clearly stated that CWS models is not only into modeling only but they are fabulous dancers as well . The CWS Models are truly  fab and gorgeous!  BRAVO!!! CWS, YOUR TRULY THE BEST!!!

              The second  event was  the  solo talent  and the theme is something about Yellow.  Each contestant has been assign to do their talent , and the category is a yellow theme.   Based on something that inspires or moves them.  In addition, they have written an explanation of the talent and what it means to them. Again, Anrol clarifies that the notes being  copy paste in local chat  are exactly what was written from their given notes.  Anrol calls out Mr. Shawbridge to show his talent. 

Reese decided to show his dedication to the roleplay sim he owns by donning the yellow variant of the Starfury Specially made, and customised for Tinnies. A Golden Hamster as the Pilot  He asked a co-pilot to Join him as this is a dogfight. He conquered and blown the rival battleship.

                                  The next finalist been called, ms. Sunrae Suntzu to show her talent.  When they were given the theme "something yellow" the first thing that came into her   mind was a yellow bird.  So she choose the song Yellow Bird by Goombay Dance Band as her music because even though it is sad about a lost love, it is a good song to dance to and a yellow bird in a banana tree just screams yellow now doesn't it?  She put together a dance to the song and has styled an outfit to fit a tropical yellow bird theme.   Her feather flock is by Iota Ultsch.  She added a feather mask, wings and gloves from Winter Fire by Nicky Ree.  Her headdress is Bird of Paradise by Aeris Shenlin.  Her heels are Melania - Vestale designed by Melania Quintessa.     Sunrae presents "Yellow Bird"

                            Sunrae danced  to the tune of  Yellow Bird, by Goombay Dance Band. Her  yellow feathers really stand out  in this dance. And one thing she  love most in  SL is she can dance like a fool with high heels on which makes her  very talented. In RL she  can barely walk in  them.  She  hopes that  her outfit will  rezzes quickly or   seeing more than a yellow bird. She added " Its okay there is no extra charge, it's on the house. Let's face it; there is just no greater thrill than a naked pixel right?" Flora Stipe says  nah... the birdie was cute and nice. 
                              Anrol captioned "The British Invasion had a profound impact on the shape of popular music. It helped internationalize the production of rock and roll, establishing the British popular music industry as a viable center of musical creativity, and opened the door for subsequent British and Irish performers to achieve international success. In America the Invasion arguably spelled the end of such scenes as instrumental surf music, vocal girl groups and for a time. the teen idols that had dominated the American charts in the late 1950s and early 60s. My talent is a representation of the British Invasion with the color yellow, with scenes, outfits, music, and dance." Oh, the next  finalist was been called  Ms.Janet Brink.


                     First song that comes into her  mind is the wonderful British group "The Beatles" with their famous 'yellow' song, "Yellow Submarine".  This song came out in 1966, the British invasion was going strong, as was the 'GoGo' scene with it's unique clothes. Janet is dressed and dances in the style of the day, we  watch as she entertains us.  The style of the era was short skirts and high neck dresses, this was very popular in clubs and dances.  Janet is wearing a lovely yellow dress by Artilleri called << Nadine >> with a sleeveless high neck top and a lovely detailed skirt with several layers of crinoline.  A white belt was very popluar at the time and completes this classic dress.   A marvelous 60's hairdo << Alide vintage >> by Sonatta Morales complements the dress, as does the lovely necklace << Sunny >> by Donna Flora, well noted for her period jewelry. It has such wonderful detailed white stones in several lovely shapes and of course 'flower power', with it's two lovely flowers. The boots were a neccessary part of the style, a girl always need white latex boots to go clubbing, and Bax's << Prestige Boots >> are just perfect.  Her dance is a nice mix of gogo style dance.
 Talent Outfit: 1960's Dress: Artilleri - Nadine - yellowProps: Pipa Novelli.- Yellow SubmarineHair: Sonatta Morales - Alide vintage - hot gold Jewelry:  Donna Flora - Sunny - necklaceShoes: BAX Prestige Boots - White LatexMusic: Yellow Submarine......Beatles

                  Donovan, a contributer to the last lines of "Yellow Submarine", later in the same year came out with a wonderful song "Mellow Yellow". The record had a "Beatlesque" feel to it, and is sometimes mistaken for a Beatles song. Donovan, in fact, was friends with the Beatles, Paul McCartney can be heard as one of the background revelers on this track. 

                       Janet was wearing a lovely gown that might be worn to a wedding in the 60's, and perfect for partying and dancing at the reception.  This was the era when ladies would be dressed like this to go to church or to a concert, Janet feels it is such a shame that jeans is the norm to wear for most occasions now.  This beautiful gown is by Ivalde called << Desiree >> in gold with just wonderful detail, short sleeved and high neckline, seams at the bust and waist, and gathering in the low Vee back, you have to love this kind of detail in a gown.  The gown is form fitting to show her lovely model shape and flares out at the knees with transparent tulle, to show off your lower legs and shoes.  A marvelous 60's hairdo << Alinda >> by Sonatta Morales complements the dress with large high curls in the front and a tight pleasing bun in the back.  The lovely necklace << Willa>> by Donna Flora, does so much for the plain neckline, framing your face in such a lovely way, the same matching earrings make this set perfect for this 60's look. Traditional high heels in gold by Diana Debevec complete the ensemble.  Her dance is more of a psychedelic, as the song was about getting high from smoking dried banana skins. 

Talent Outfit:

1960's Gown: ~Ivalde~ Desiree - gold 

Makeup: Mock

Hair: Sonatta Morales - Alinda - mellow gold
Jewelry:  Donna Flora - Willa 
Shoes: Diana Debevec - Cloud Select - Gold====

Janet on her glittery faery wings
                                The talent portion was finish. While the judges tallies the score Anrol call out the Dancing W/ The Starts Top finalist , as we  give them  a big round of applause to Ms Lilmama Artis and her Dancing partner Ms Laylah Lecker.. I was urge to watch   their amazing video  Oh, please vote for them. 


What a excellent presentation !!!! 

                                 Next was  the evening gown competition with Q and A. We will see how witty they are.  The Theme for this category is each finalist was asked to wear a 1920 Vintage Gown. Each model has scoured the grid to find the perfect gown to present today. The finalist  been called one by one  to show up what they've selected. Notes been read as they do their catwalk on the runway. Mr. Shawbridge been called. 

Reese chose this Circa 1920's Mafia Tuxedo, the ~Padrino~ available at Silexe Cores Marketplace store because the trenchcoat and hat add a layer of underworld mystery to the ensemble, which can be whipped off at any time to reveal the tuxedo below to let him make an impression on the dancefloor as well as the New York streets of the 20's. 

Mr. Reese *Question:  Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker? Why?

 Mr. Reese *Answer:   hehhh give or taker i wonder if thats a gay ? well , hahah it have to be giver, there no way am gonan go for 2nd choice shudders.

      Very well said Mr. Shawbridge. A big round of applause to you. 

Ms Sunrae *Question:  Would  you betray your friends for Fame in sl? Please explain! 

Ms Sunrae *Answer:  Absolutely not!!!! I  treasure my SL friends as much as I do my RL friends. There is a real person with feelings behind every pixel so a SL friend is in fact a RL friend. Fame is generally short lived, especially in SL, but friendships can last a lifetime. To me it's about being the kind of friend to another that I want a friend to be to me. Friends who betray their friends are very shallow people and not truly a friend to begin with. I would much rather be called friend, than to be called famous, especially if it meant sacrificing my integrity. I choose my friends wisely and I want my friends to know they have chosen me wisely. That was a mavles question, thank you dahlins. Muah. 

           The roaring 20's is an era which we associate with the flapper, the bob, strapped shoes and the cloche hat but many of the styles with which we are now so familiar were first introduced by famous designers such as Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin and Madeline Vionnet.     These designers changed fashion history in the twenties with designs that were based on simplicity yet elegant.  They were pretty but also modest and comfortable making them more desirable to women. The twenties brought a change to how women perceived themselves and the fashions that helped them do it.  Women obtained the right to vote, started smoking in public, cutting their hair short and wore drop waisted day dresses with hemlines that were knee to mid calf length to show the ankles.  Evening gowns were designed with the same simplicity but longer hemlines and with fabrics such as organdy, silk, chiffon and lace to enhance the elegance.  The designers themselves have since passed on but their designs and couture houses are still famous on the runways of today.  The women of the 1920's proved that fashion is capable of changing a society. Her  gown is designed in the tradition of what couture houses were releasing in the twenties.  This beautiful blush vintage gown was designed for Sunrae by Iota Ultsch of Tres Jolie.  It is modest but very elegant and it retains the simplicity of the twenties. The upper bodice is elegantly designed of Alencon lace fabric.  The gown's drop waist descends to the hips leaving an elegant tapered pleated band of pure silk georgette that gracefully flows from the upper bodice and defines the waistline and mid-drift without chastening so it is comfortable.  The delightful soft lines of the gowns pure silk sheer skirt slims the hips and offers ease of movement. She has flattered her gown with a brown Fox Faux Fur Stole designed by Meg Demina.
Sunrae's chocolate brown strapped Mary Jane heels were designed by Ariel Erlanger and very eloquently add an extra 1920s feel to her blush gown.  Her blush string pearls echo the boldly sophisticated motif of the twenties.  Her 1920's hairstyle is by Curio. She loves the overall uniqueness of this vintage gown and its divine sophistication of the 1920's. 

           The last but not the least is Ms Janet Brink. Loud applause and cheers been thrown to her  upon being called. 

Ms. Janet Brink *Question: How far are you willing to push yourself?     Would you resort to unethical practices in order to win this pageant?Please Explain! 

Ms. Janet Brink Answer:  Well Anrol caught me out this time, one of my wonderful talent outfits was by Lillou Merlin, I wonder if this comes under unethical? But joking aside, the minute I heard 'Yellow', I thought of that showgirl style costume that had been in my inventory for several months. I push myself to win thinking ahead and practicing, there is no reason for me to ever resort to unethical practices, I work far in advance of deadlines, have a great organized inventory, and shop all the time looking for that wonderful creative outfit that I might wear at this pageant or the next event. Hmmmmm...with 46 of Lillou's creations, I might find something for the next show!!

                    She  just love the looks of the 20's, and it was so hard to find the perfect gown.  She  had 3 gowns and had narrowed it down to one, when a friends asked her  if she  had been to Sonatta Morales....hmmmm a new store to me, and they specialized in vintage clothing. She  qouted.  Sonatta Morales has designed a totally amazing gown << Holyrood >> perfect for a 1920's formal gown, sleek and elegant, all in black, Janet will be the queen of the ball in this fashionable gown, perfect in the 20's and perfect today.  I am amazed and overwhelmed by the artistic flair of this work of art, a breathtaking design. The bodice is a daring deep vee with intricate rhinestone design edging the open front, and is matched by the vee back with the same beautiful edging.   Lovely rhinestones circles under the bust, and around the back, finish with a dark 'V' patern accenting your bust and waist. The wide feathering sleeves accent your neckline and give an elegant look to this awesome gown.  Sleek and form fitting with a small skirt from the thighs, flowing as you walk and pose. Janet can not say enough about this lovely gown, and several of the closeups she has taken are the very best of her pictures.  A wonderful updo in the 20's look called << Aliona >> by Sonatta Morales in jet complements the elegant style of the gown and the formal look of this exotic creation. Shoes in black called << Classic pumps >> by Blaze nice heels to go with this beautiful gown.  One could not ask for more lovely jewelry to complete this stunning ensemble, than << Charotte >> by Virtual Impressions, lovely antique pearls with diamonds in an old fashioning looking style, just perfect for this 1920's look.She thanks  everyone that came out tonight,  and  hoped we  enjoyed the lovely story Janet has portray with costumes, styling, and talent.  She hopes you were as thrilled as she has been preparing this for you, thank you to the lovely judges tonight, also to Anrol, Steve, and the Classic With Style Staff for this place to express our styling and creative expressions.  Best wishes and luck to all..Ciao 
                                Very well done!!! The judges was  been busy to tally all their scores and it's hard for them to choose since all of the finalist do their best in order to bring home the bacon. After several moment, Anrol pose and announces that she have already the result. The finalist braced themselves at that moment.
                                Echoes of applause and cheers fills the dome.  Top Model  2012 Photogenic goes to  Ms.   Sunrae Suntzu. Anrol  give a recognition to The  Best Creative Talent for Top Model 2012. And the winner  will get 5000 linden. Congratulation to  Best  Creative Talent 2012 Top Model, Ms Janet Brink. Anrol announces the winners. The 2nd Runner Up will win 25,000L. Congratulations to Mr Reese Shawbridge. The moment we are waiting for... anrol told us  to  look at the fireworks and we will see who is the  new Crown for 2012 Ms Top Model. Sunrae Suntzu say she  need a cocktail. Her heart was thumpity thumpity. And Janet says she hates to see the fireworks. CONGRATULATIONS  to 2012 Crown winner Ms Top Model 2012 Ms Janet Brink.  Winner of 100,000L. What big WOW!!! and the 1st runner up for Top Model  2012   is Ms Sunrae Suntzu. 
Winner of 50,000L. Anrol been Thanful to  Judges Harley. Lillou and Sage, for making the time & loaning  their  expertise and practiced eyes in determining the winners. The contestants really made it great.  Their hard work and dedication, was been an inspiration.  

L: Ms. Top Model 2012 1st Runner up: Ms Sunrae Suntzu, Center: Crowned Ms. Top Model 2012, Ms. J. Brink, R: Mr. Top Model  2012 2nd place  Mr. Shawbridge

                              Another remarkable pageant of CWS. I enjoy a lot and gather some informations, techniques on how to be a crowned model. hoping that i can apply what i've learned soon. Thank you to Anrol for the beautiful gown and for a new friendship from Lilou Merlin. Debbie and Flora thank you also for being considerate. 
                              This is the full blog of the event to those who miss the CWS MR &MS TOP MODEL 2012 Pageant.   More Power to CWS and looking forward to the upcoming styling events and pageants. 


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