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Miyerkules, Hulyo 4, 2012


King Yohan and Princess Violeta
                  The lovely couple who bows as one,  in the fantastic matrimony on July 03, 2012, 8am to 10am slt  . King Yohan and Princess Violeta pledged towards each other " Till Death do us Part". Upon having each others arms, unending  sparks of love  continuously patronized the couple. Happiness lingered as they shared the fruit of love, overcoming their ups and down and finally make their way to the heavenly altar of Infinity Kingdom, at Infinity Romantic Island  owned by King Yohan . Yes, they vows thru Infinity. I can't elaborate more about their extraordinary and unconditional love towards each other. All people  from Infinity, closest  friends,  and all people surrounds the  couple wish them a neverending happiness,  a true love that they have which they will always cherished thru eternity. Well, let see what would be the future unfold. They are the perfect couple been witnessed ever with so much love. And they live  happily, with their siblings and a baby  boy in Princess Violeta's womb which will due on March  2013.

                           Way back before Princess Violeta meet her Knight in the shining armor. This is quite interesting story about Princess Violeta's Lovelife. She is a  adorable Princess with strong characteristic. There are lots of men whom charmed by her beauty. She have several suitors and other men who wants to capture her heart. And she dated few of them. One of her suitor  named Anton Redgrave (the richman) who always followed her whereever she goes and giving her lots of gifts. But Princess Violeta, as a sign of respect, she entertained him though she don't really like him. 

Princess Violeta with Anton Redgrave
             First month of her sl life. She meet a rich man named Anton Redgrave.   Spending time with Anton at Stella Maris Tree Isle. He really like Princess Violeta. He wants to be partnered to her but she refused, she  said to Anton to wait for the right time, since she is not yet ready to commit any relationships, she wants to be a renowned model and have a big name in Fashion and Modeling Industry. She refused Anton's offer to be partnered with him and they remain good friends.
Dracula Manfredd and Princess Violeta
                 Princess Violeta was been accepted as a noob model at the House of Benningbourough on her second week. She was so very amazed and she was delighted which inspires her to pursue her modeling career.  She continues her modeling and she meet a man named Manfedd, a Dracula Count.She likes the count. They keep on hanging out, wandering around on her free time. The Count wanted her to be his blood doll. Until one day she meet Pavel Sparta and King Jyh. Pavel sparta keep accompanying her while King  Jyh keep dragging her to different beautiful places. She spent time with King Jyh but still thinking of the Count Manfredd. The rich man,  Anton Redgrave keep following Princess Violeta and giving her several expensive gifts. But still she doesn't like him.
King Jyh & Princess Violeta
                                                         Days passed by, she meet Fumikomana  and adopted her. FumikoMana eyed for Anton as a good catch. Fumiko make friend with the rich man and they dated but the heart of the rich man still wanting Princess Violeta. The rich man wanted Princess Violeta to jealous so he   keep going out  with Fumiko. But Princess Violeta was  determined to achieve her goal,  and wanted to become a  certified model. On the other side, Fumiko have a Prince Father named Prince Stan47, and it came to his knowledge about what was going on. He don't like the rich man, and warned Fumiko to stop seeing Anton. But Fumiko is a hard headed spoiled brat lassy, and she didn't listen to her father nor to Princess Violeta. Prince Stan47 give all Fumiko's luxury, and they spend a little bit of time since he is busy with his business. He bought fumiko several gowns and he meet Princess Violeta at the HOB runway.
Prince Stan47 and Princess Violeta
                                                                                        One day, the rich man ask Fumiko to be partnered with him, and without hesitation she said yes with gladness, even without her Prince father permission and Princess Violeta. Upon Prince Stan47 heard  the plan of his daughter Fumiko, he summoned Princess Violeta to come to  his mansion  but instead of  talking  about fumiko's plan, everything was changed in a  blink of an eye. Prince Stan was strucked by the beauty of gorgeous Princess Violeta. He was  speechless for a while  and been a good start of friendship. Prince Stan47 keep visiting Princess Violeta at HOB runway, he seems to be a demanding with strong authority that Princess Violeta can't resist his company. He spend most of his time with Princess Violeta at the runway. After Princess Violeta's off from the runway they shared momentous time, hopping to different places which Princess Violeta likes most. He makes her swoon in his very romantic  way of courting her.
Prince Stan47 and Princess Violeta
           Prince Stan47 and Princess Violeta fall in love to each other. They keep on dating and feels like there's no tomorrow, the clock stops ticking when their eyes meet, and their hearts beats fast.  Seems they are destined for each other. Without knowing Prince Stan background. she allows her heart to be captured by Prince Stan. He tamed Princess Violeta's heart and he is a very lucky man.                      
                               Alas!  Prince Stan 47 is  a married man. His wife named Lun4 Zeplin. And they are not seeing   for several months which urge Prince Stan47 to go out and have some recreation, meeting someone which fulfilled by Princess Violeta. Prince Stan47 wife came back and wanted to reclaim what is for her. They talked and they decided to start over again. Fumiko is sneaky. She sneaks into her father lodging house and saw  that Prince Stan47 and Lun4 Zeplin are making love. ~grins. Fumiko's loyalty belongs to Princess Violeta and she told the Princess what she saw. Upon hearing what happened, Princess Violeta was been hurt. She is ready to turn her back from Prince Stan. She summoned all the people in Tempest Kingdom to guard the Kingdom gate and prohibit Prince Stan's from visiting her. But she is not safe outside  the Kingdom. Prince Stan keep seeing her at the HOB  runway. Until she decide to talk to Prince Stan. Princess Violeta forgive  Prince Stan because of her unbounded love for him. Prince Stan decided to chose Princess Violeta and leave  his wife lun4 Zeplin. But Fumiko, keep on insisting  that her  father Prince Stan and Lun4 Zeplin are still seeing each other. With all authority, Princess Violeta summoned Lun4 Zeplin to Tempest Kingdom, she summoned  also Queen Luna in order to witness their conversation. Lun4 Zeplin gave way and she don't want chaos. She can't do her duty to her husband due to some other things that occupies her, so  lun4 let Prince Stan to chose Princess Violeta, though she is badly hurt.
                                 Prince Stan  and Princess Violeta continues their journey, with the aid of Prince Stan mother Queen Luna, He purchased a land and build a castle for them which serves as their love nest. The father King Jason of  Princess Violeta was confused, and just allow her lovely daughter to do what she want. King Jason keep on supporting her morally, and understanding her  as long as it makes her happy. The couple are staggering, on their one month of living together, they are keen to know each other better. Princess Violeta is a stubborn Princess. Not following Prince Yohan's words. They are fighting everyday which lead to their on and off relationship. She can't even make love to the Prince.  Princess been tired and she go to her old friend's castle King Rift and have a wonderful chitchat for it's been a long time they see each other. King Rift is the person who help Princess Violeta during  her third day on sl and  struggle to be a noob model. But upon Prince Yohan arrival from a business trip, he found that Princess Violeta was not in their castle upon searching all the corners of the Kingdom. and He keep on searching Princess Violeta until he found her on her radar in King rift's territory. He can't come in because the land have a security orb. He send a message to Princess Violeta but she's not responding due to her tiredness she  felt asleep,  hence  King Rift serve her a welcome celebration upon her visit . Prince Yohan was been so mad and he immediately departnered her.
                                     Princess Violeta is in agony, she tried to forget Prince Yohan. she keep on hanging out with King Rift. While Prince Yohan found an aid with a new found love  named Othellya. Prince Yohan and Princess Violeta talked and they end their relationship. Both of them are hurt since they still love each other. Princess Violeta go back home to her King Father Jason's land in Tempest Kingdom. They celebrate upon Princess Violeta's arrival and have a great party. King Jason summoned King Rift to join them. Princess Violeta seems happy. King Rift promised Princess Violeta to be happy and several people in the kingdom bugged King rift. Kassandra, the personal Knightress of Princess Violeta. Fumiko, the stowaway daughter of Prince Yohan and Princess Violeta. and King Jay,  the impostor, claiming to be the father of Princess Violeta. She is single and ready to mingle, but in the deepest corner of her heart, she love Prince Yohan. She always cries in the middle of the night, longing and   misses his kisses and his  warm tight embrace. and she thinks does Prince Yohan do the same? Well, he is busy dancing with Othellya. Princess Violeta sent people to spy Prince Yohan activity. the Prince is busy with his own escapade and he promises Othellya with all his might to give everything as he could. The Prince have a heart like a stone. He ignores Princess messages. Whew, Princess Violeta been so sad. So all she do was  focus her attention to her modelling career. She gained knowledge and she won several stylings which starts  her name to be known in the fashion industry. 
                                         On the other hand, Prince Yohan was thinking of Princess Violeta as well. He planned to see Princess Violeta. On their meeting, no words from both of them. It's only their heart and eyes talked. And in a  minute they are laughing and they reconciled. Wow! IN THE NAME OF LOVE! ~rolling eyes, as easy as pie! ~lol. and finally they talk and start over again. Oh, there still another third Party. Othellya. On Othellya's knowledge what had happen, she came to Prince Yohan and ask if it's true. Prince Yohan told Othellya that he go back to Princess Violeta and pursue what they planned from the start. Othellya was so furios! she wish Princess Violeta to die! She cursed both of them. OH my, this is  a rivalry! Princess Violeta heard the news, but instead of  pushing away Prince Yohan, she hold him tight and fight for what they have.  Prince Yohan found comfort,  they stick to each other and he keep on visiting Princess Violeta in Tempest Kingdom. He do all his might to amuse Princess Violeta. Finally,  Princess Violeta surrendered herself   to Prince Yohan. For the first time, they go together into the pedestal of ecstasy.  The people in the kingdom zip their mouth, they don't  like the Princess idea of  seeing and dating the Prince. They thought that the Prince might hurt her again.  But they see that Princess Violeta seems happy with Prince Yohan. They just let them  do her  thing and support her in everything. They accompany her at the runway and every styling she participate.
                                             Prince Yohan wanted to have his own land, he purchased a big land which serves as their new sanctuary. He let Princess Violeta to govern the land while he is on his business trip. And he crowned King but Princess Violeta wanted to remain  as Princess, she don't want to be Queen  and another catfights occur. But they made it, ~lol .  Well, it's natural for all couples to have  some argumentation. They    set their plan to get married on Princess Violeta's birthday to make it more memorable. Princess Violeta   burst out some news, she screams joyfully that she is 2 weeks old pregnant.  King Yohan leap for gladness.  He will be a father of his own blood and the elder siblings will took care of the young Prince. The planned royal  wedding is the talk of the town and in everyone's mouth.  All been set and they a have a amazing and wonderful wedding. The couple are happily married.  Everyone's wish for a best life ahead.
                                                   Oh, very romantic indeed, i'm teary eyed. this is the momentous story they have. They love each other passionately.

    Princess Violeta's diary soon to be published. "The Royal Wedding", "Weekly CWS Runway Styling's" , "Gifts from Lilou Merlin", "CWS Master Styling Struggle". 

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