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Lunes, Enero 30, 2012

Princess Violeta's Second life Adventure ~*~NOOB MODEL~*~

                       Mmmmmmm,  What do i expect in Second life? My first thought is about having business. Well, let see, what would be my second life adventures unfold. :) so what i am doing in second life is having a escape from reality. To have some enjoyment from stressful RL.

                       At first I was hesitant to register in  second life, but then my good friend convince me to give it a try  to  play  second life. Ok, then my adventures begin. They help me a lot especially my  real good friend Blanche.foxclaw & Mika.  Giving me everything what  I need. Wow!!! After editing  a little  bit, giving me some freebies, then tutorial for some activities and I start liking to play SL. So,  on my second day of exploring, I feel more excited, but when my friends were not online, it makes me sad coz' I thought that I have nothing to do. Just sitting around or walking  and nowhere to go. ~laughs. I meet some new friends in sandbox, a little chitchat and boredom strikes me. And suddenly my friend pop up and teleport me to nice places. AMAZING!!! I meet a man & trust him, good thing that he is gentleman. ~laughs. We keep on dancing & dancing & dancing. Geeee, he calls me sweetie, and that's how SL works. ~laughs. He let me stay at his place, and I invited my friends to  his house. Introducing them to him. Alas!  He was  not on for a day, and suddenly when   I log in, uh oh, i was been ejected from his house and fell into the water which gave me a trauma,  ~laughs, and I don't know for what reason. Puzzled!!! So i wandered around and keep on flying until I talk to a man who  pop up   from my radar, his name is Rift Aeon,  he adopted me and give me a good SL  life. :)
                      Meeting Rift from nowhere is kinda' a blessing. ~laughs. He is really a good man & gentleman as well, he never take advantage of the innocent noob in SL like me ~laughs. Rift let me stay in his house, he gave me some good stuff and he earn my respect & trust. I'm kinda' sneaky when he has a date. ~laughs . One time he brought home a date and the woman IM'd me why I am in Rift's house. So I told him about that woman and he drop her. awwww. So on my second week, it was been more interesting. Been chosen as one of the House of Beningborough Winter Princess, as a model. WOW!!! I can't believe it. A great accomplishment for a noob like me.
                       While at the runway, someone approaches for some help. She is a pesky friend of mine. ~laughs. She said she was fired out from her work as a dancer. So I accompany her back  to the island but she was banned. So I talk to the owner or whoever was  in charge , and ask apology for what Vam committed. I meet  Lord Lucien, the head security of the island. and he said yes, that  Vam is forgiven to the fact, that I will stay with them, near him and Jason. Alas! this is a new start of my very most interesting game.
                        Back to my sanctuary where  I like to spend most of my time aside from the runway, the so called Tree Isle_Panther of Passion (Soul of Serenity) I have a suitor named Anton  Redgrave. Due to some respect, accompanying him, but he is kinda a womanizer. I was felt bad when he dance & said he will married Vam. Well then, kinda' happy but acting that i am hurt. ~laughs. ~Weird! So I ask Lucien to accompany me while I am at the runway, and he  keep inviting me at  Tempest Island.

                        Well, i'm kinda' shy, and sometimes scares me unusual  creatures. This is the way I meet Jason, the owner of Tempest Island. The start of a new friendship that I cherished most. Jason is a funny loving guy who captured the heart most  of the women and  I am the  apple of his eyes. He is my FATHER KING  (INFINITE THEISTIC CLAN ). Interesting & exciting RP soon.      

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