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                                        CWS! Simply The Best!!! Master Styling III...July 20, 2012

Master Stylist Winner Annie Lennie, First runner up: Ms. Janet Brik, 2nd  runner up: Ms. Violetagrace (Princess Violeta)
                                      The hardwork was been totally paid off!!! Competing with the unbeatable,  highly respected, and proficient  in pageant and  modeling industry,  Ms. Janet Brink and amazing designer Ms. Annia Lennie. The pioneer stylist is Ms. Princess Violeta. It's really a tough competition.  From 35 models who joined the Master Styling Audition, 15 models only been selected and of course Princess Violeta is one of them. Now her struggle in the competition began. She's eager to bring home the bacon, and her styles are very unique, but due to certain circumstances happened,  she was been distracted and can't concentrate in her styling. But despite of  something that bothered her she still able to compose herself, and leave the drama behind the curtain.
                                        The Master Styling finalist we're given  1 month to prepare,  but Princess Violeta is a easy go lucky model. She was been busy preparing for her wedding in 1 week, then after a week is a misery due to her husband death, and been distracted  even to the last day of the event. She do love pressure. LOL. She pressured herself. And the most awaited day took place. Princess Violeta was nervous, because even to  the last minute of the pageant, she still preparing for her talent, and dealing the butterflies in her stomach. She was been thankful for all the support of her friends, who makes her laugh most of the time, which she got the courage to move on! Unfortunately she found technicalities in her props, Kassandragrace, her loyal and lovely sister, made props for her , and was not able to transfer to her, but the show must go on. Princess Violeta tried to make one but can't concentrate anymore. her hands we're shaking so she move forward to prepare for her talent which is 5 minutes left! Wow!!! Perfectly prepared right? or she is just brilliant. LOL.  


                             She's trendy , adventurous, risk taker, happy go lucky, opinionated, yet sweet and passionate. As Hippie evolves in her computer generation era , she thinks of a colorful outfit to speak out what was  on her mind.  She dressed in a trendy manner yet with sense of a being a free spirited person.
                              She's wearing a stunning teal ensemble  with elegance, a sweetheart halter tube top neckline  features a sensuous sheer collar with a classy and refined hippie fabric embellished on the bodice.  Flaunting her sunkissed skin, emblazed with  a gorgeous butterfly peace  and  eco love tattoo on her back.   A lavish design of her lovely flare  pants with a  touch of grooviness . Why speak ?  Added a captivating silhouette of a  flamboyant train embellished with peace emblem's , features  a layer of sculpted silk flowers. She  stand out  among the rest upon speaking out loud for her opinion. Adorned with eye catching head dress, integrated with trendy peace design accessories. She's all out to strikes anywhere and everywhere , gloriously dominate everyone's attention towards  her. yayyy! That's the fighting spirit. Be the best among the rest. ~grins
  HIPPIE OUTFIT Styling Card:
Dress:  (top)   B! FAShion fantasia
            (pants)   Elena Bell Bottom Pants from Bliss Couture
            (Collar )  from Purplemoon
            (Shoes)  from B! FAShion Fantasia
             (Hair)      from B! Fashion Fantasia

Make ups:  Teal perhaps eyeshadow from  glammorize
Lashes : From Miamai
                Lipstick modified
                blushes modified

Accessories:    Two Sisters Treasures Peace  jewelry set
Nails:               Finesmith  Teal Nails
Skin:               Dre Life courtesy of flora Stipe

Hippie Outfit Headshot
  Customized Peace accessories set  from TWO SISTERS TREASURES DESIGNED BY GEORGIASTAR CHAU.


                               She joins the gypsy caravan to experience the excitement. She explores  to capture the spirit of amazing musical culture as she express heartily while singing and dancing.  Astounding every audience she meet with the fire and soul in her voice. She performs gleefully,  in every graceful tap in her tambourine, she makes every heart beats fast , and uplift someones spirit in her glorious journey. She discovers her passion of art in music and dancing, which bonds intimately, allowing her to understand the life on the road, upon transferring from places to places,  for a living.
                               Her Royalty in elegant purple silk  sultry ensemble,  features an  enticing  plunging neckline,  with a sculpted bandeau embellished with a exquisite  gold coins, attached an  extra glitz of  dazzling chain dangling, with a rhymes like little  angels singing in heaven in her every  graceful maneuver. Added an eye catching   accessory in her belly  which flaunts her curvacious body.  The radiant stunning  long sleeves with a sculpted cuff, delicately   designed  with a lining of royal curly patterns which collaborates in her passion in the art of music and dancing.  Her sensational  skirt, with a sash of lovely sculpted bow in low  waist ,  embellished with luscious patterns and a gold coins attached with gorgeous tassels . The long skirt has layer of flexis with a feligree of gold which fascinates spectators in her supple and rhythmic artifice. Adding  a touch of gilded beauty to her look,   akin with splendid headdress with a sheer veil,  a adorable  long curly  crowning glory which admires by every pretty women. WOW! she's a pulchritudinous. ~grins.

Gypsy Outfit Styling Card:

Gypsy Dress: Tres Beau "Miss Turkey 2012"
Accessories:  Two little Sisters_TST Gypsy Red and Purple Set
                      Cancer Zodiac zign belly pierce
Footwear:        SD Vine Bare Gold Stilletto Feet
Nails:              Mandala Milky Nails  & Ring Hawthorn RED
Lashes:           Miamai_CAtwalk lashes_Glitter 02
Hair:                Emotions , Susan Brown
Make ups:        Glammorize Perhaps eyeshadow red
                        White widow Face Tatto_Whirlypops
                        FDP Face Tattoo gold
                        Madrid Solo Blush Only
                        lipstick modify
Skin:               Dre Life Tan skin courtesy of Flora Stipe
Props :           Pd gypsy tambourine purple          

Sideview Gypsy headshot

Frontview Gypsy headshot

CustomizeD  TST Gypsy Red and Purple  accessories set from TWO SISTERS TREASURES  designed by GEORGIASTAR  CHAU.

Outfit 1(Snowhite Theme Talent)
Outfit 3 (Snowhite theme Talent)
Outfit number #1& 3: Snowhite.  An enthralling beauty envied by several Princesses and hiding from her heartless step mum. She  remains herself compose,  with pride and dignity , living joyfully  which she  lingers at  the infinity sanctuary, with the  aid of several friends comforting her from the  tragic loss. Seems fairy tales comes to life in a modern living. Her classy outfit illuminates her beauty with a noble heart, featuring a lovely ruffled collar &   a sculpted sleeves. The delicately designed bodice with a thrill of  cascaded romantic neckline, embellished with a gorgeous bow at the center.  The wardrobe comes in two passionate  styles with a  glamorous short skirt and mind blowing  pluffy long skirt.

Snowhite Outfit Styling:

Dress:   Snowhite Outfit from Deviance
Hair:       Romantic Vintage hairstyle from Tutys
Shoes:    White Tribute Neige from Encore
Nails:     Solid White long Nails from finesmith
Accessories: Grace Accessories winter set from finesmith
Make up:  red perhaps eye later  eyeshadow
Lashes:  long saskia lashes from SP
Lipstick : F12 from Facepaint
Skin : Dre Life Skin natural

LD Orphee Black (Snowhite Theme Talent)_Outfit 2

Outfit  number # 2:        Mirror Mirror on the wall , who's fairest of them all. With a devilish grins, she is definitely the gorgeous woman throughout the universe upon marrying a handsome King!   She looks fab and elegant in her black  wardrobe, combines with a soft  romance with the alluring style of sheer lace creating  a bewitching  look. featuring adorable facade with  lavish design of Soft fur and  lacy  sleeves bestow  to the scene. a sensuous lacy fabric on the bodice  embellished with a sizzling  sculpted bow on the side.  Motivating fashion and seduction, her  luxurios high leg slit  creates a mythical  of sensuality and amid stunning elegance. Compliments the soft  sheer lace gloves for her delicate hands,  and hat with lovely feather's and a veil which is absolutely gorgeous!

Evil Queen mum Outfit Styling:

Dress: LD  Orphee Black
Hair: CArilyn brown
Shoes: 24 Shoe #6 Black
Accessories: Heartless Necklace black from finesmith
                    Pearl black diamond from Virtual Impressions
Nails : lady Gaga black from Mandala
 Skin: Dre Life Tan courtesy of Flora Stipe

(Outfit Number 4) Evil killer mum. She's so evil! She gonna do everything what she wants. Even stepping one's feet or grabbing down to make her on the top? nah,. all are question marks! mmmm, just don't mess with her, or else you will reap your fruit from bullying her , or let say you will regret upon knowing her. Just think what is on your mind and she will not give you a satisfactory answer. that's what makes  her evil. LOL  * She looks fierce yet gorgeous in her terrific black outfit! The fascinating  cloak add some sensuality, and a sensational veil which cover's her eyes from reading her dark secret plan. Looking through the eyes of madness! LOL..  The desirable bodice with a enticing darling neckline  features a soft feathers, which flaunt her beautifully curve body and a flowing skirt of feathers which elegantly and delicately sweeps when she maneuver. To add the spectacular enhancement, she brings a basket of poisoned apple instead of a knife.

 Evil Queen Mum (4) Outfit Styling :

Dress:    Snow Queen Black from HOB
Hair:        Ulrika Brown from Tukinowaguma
Make up:  Black perhaps eye later eyeshadow from Glammorize
Accessories: black peral from Alien bear Design
Lashes: Saskia Lashes from SP
 Blushes and lipstick modify
Shoes:  24 #6 Black shoe
Nails: Lady gaga Black from mandala
Skin: Dre Tan skin courtesy of Flora

Giselle White Outfit from Azul (Snowhite Theme Talent)_Outfit 5

(Outfit # 5) Finally, she's been free from all sorrows coincides with her from several days of mourning and misery. She have a new life to cherished and nurture. Life must go on! She's given a chance for  new day to rekindled , that life is precious. Forget,  forgive,and move on! Have fun, be happy and Smileeeeeee!!! she have lots of opportunities to grab  on and several friends and loveones who dearly loved her!!! It's good to be back and regain the missing part of her life , to fulfill what she achieve in the present! :) She's inspired ! LOL, with a big smile in her face like bunny, LOL. * Showing off the  soft feminine side yet intoxicating beauty, being influenced from her past struggles. She looks like an angel descended from heaven to be competitive in fashion at CWS . LOL. She looks pure in her angelic ensemble, featuring a divine puff sleeves with flexible bow. An exquisite lustrous silk  corset, with a sweetheart neckline, embellished with a sheer lace which delicately hugged her curvacious body. . Absolutely Enchanting! a sexy string closure at the back with a gorgeous flexible  bow.  A timeless elegance of skirt, featuring a billowing silhouette of lacy flexi skirts.

Snowhite Outfit Styling:

Dress: Giselle White from Azul
Shoes: White Tribute Niege  from Ncore
Hair : Vintage 40's from tuty's
nails: Solid White from Finesmith
Accessories: DRaping Pearl White  Set from Alyssa Bijoux,
make ups: F12 lipstick from FAcepaint
perhaps eye later red eyeshadow from Glammorize
Saskia long lashes from SP
Hibiscus drama series headpiece from Eolande's
Skin: DRe life Natural



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