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Martes, Nobyembre 10, 2015

Thought to do late update of Ms. UNIVERSE 2012_CWS

MS. UNIVERSE 2012_Late Update

Congratulations to Princess Violeta for making it to top 6 of Ms. Universe 2012. Bagging the first Runner Up despite of hardship, competing with professional models & dealing with  RL issues. It's a great honor to the Infinity clan, that all efforts are well paid off.

From left to right: 6th Runner Up_Silky V , First Runner Up Princess Violeta, Ms. Universe 2012_Liberty Lighthouse, 2nd Runner Up_Janet Brink,  4th Runner Up Kiralyn Destiny & 5th Runner Up _Ms. Sunrae Suntzu

The 6 contenders for Ms. Universe 2012 from left to right Laci Rossini, Sunrae Suntzu,  Kiralyn destiny ,  Janet brink ,       Liberty  Lighthouse, Silky Vv, 

The six contenders for Ms. Universe 2012  are Janet Brink- Ms Peru, Liberty Lighthouse- Ms Brazil, Sunrae Suntzu-- Ms France, Jaylynn47 C- Ms Africa, HotlipsLizzy R- Ms Canada, Kiralyn Destiny- Ms China, Violetagrace Resident-Ms USA,  Adrianna A-Ms Italy, Laci Rossini - Ms Japan., Silkyvv Resident- United Kingdom. 

Biography of Princess Violeta: 
               *Her name is Princess Violeta from Infinity Kingdom. She is surrounded by loving people, and she returns their love with a kind and gentle care. Her RL counts as SL. She  sells trendy and fashionable apparels in RL online. She started her modeling career at HOB (House of Beningborough) on her 2nd week on SL and knew one day she would have a big name in the line of fashion and modeling industry in SL. 

*She is trendy and has a passion for fashion. It is already in her nature to love to style, and with her wild and unique imagination, her opportunities have grown in SL. She gives encourages all models to be determined, dedicated and have faith on achieving their goals, which helps them to boost self confidence. 

* She accomplished her modeling certification from CWS under the scholarship program. She won several stylings, and do runway fashion shows. She learned a lot, and not only modeling techniques but also how to value a certain feeling of a person, and help them uplift their spirits and cheer them up when they are feeling down.

 * She established a good rapport in  modeling world which allowed her to fulfill one of her wildest dreams along with the help of those great friends she treasured most. 

*She is inspired by Treb Dagger, who helped her a lot to recover from all her miseries she was been through, and her CWS mentors  and friends who are always there to support by all means. She and Treb have future plans to meet soon. 

Princess Violeta Close up 􀀇

Final Category : Formal  Gown "Creative Theme"          

"Soar high, fly high like an eagle" Her creative theme gown portrays the bald eagle, Uncle Sam's diamond and gold production which is one factor that makes the USA a powerful country of all nations.

The bald eagle is the national bird of USA. Full of the boundless spirit of freedom, it lives above the valleys, strong and powerful in its might. The bald eagle became the national emblem of a country that offers freedom in word and thought and an opportunity for a full and free expansion into the boundless space of the future. Her accessories include a diamond rose because the rose is the national flower of USA, and the "Uncle Sam Diamond" is a 40.23 carat white diamond that stands as the largest diamond ever found in North America. Doesn't she look stunning! 

She was amazed upon seeing the golden gown, and knew she had to have it. The elegant gold silk ensemble accentuates her shapely body.  Featuring an enticing sweetheart neckline with a hot trend cut out bandeau, an eye catching glitters on the right side looks like a fiery eagle eye, and a lovely artistic sculpted breast deco enhances the glamorous silhouette. Her sensational skirt with mermaid flare cut billows like a powerful eagle spreading her wings freely while ruling the sky with a filigree of sheer glittery gold. The fantastic drape sash and a sculpted bow tied at the back offers a surprisingly sexy detail. The long train is like an eagle's feathery tail that sweeps gracefully in every move. 

The breathtaking and detailed earrings and rings are made from diamond and formed into a rose flower from Lazuri and a gold choker from Utopia. 

She completed her fiery look with sultry green eyes with phenomenal layers of fantastic eye shadows from madrid and striking gold and diamond lashes from finesmith. Her crowning glory is a gold feather headpiece with a gold citrine from Tukinowaguma. Her alluring strappy sandals are from MJS. 

Now she's ready for her journey to conquer fearlessly, with strong determination, and achieve what she wants. “AIM HIGH, SOAR HIGH, FLY HIGH, GOD BLESS AMERICA”

Formal Gown Creative Theme Styling: 

Gown:  MLC Fallen gold by MonaLisa Coutoure
Accessories: Lazuri Spring Collection
makes ups: Miamai CAtwalk Lashes
                   Miamai Lesmake up Maudite
                    Madrid Solocarne blush on
                   Holiday Tlae Lashes from finesmith
Hair : Edda brown from Tukinowaguma 
        Hearthawing headpiece from Tukinowaguma
Shoes: MJS FAllen Stilleto Gold


2nd Category:   Talent  Masquarade Party.
Talent song title: God bless America by Celine Dion _2 mins. 
                          Fireworks by Kattie perry_3 mins.  

Princess Violeta Talent Close up

Being a nationalistic, VioletaGrace is going to present the grandest and merriest way of celebrating
INDEPENDENCE DAY ... or the 4th of July. 

Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States and commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies. It's the time to celebrate the history, government, and traditions of the United States.

Attending a masquerade party, she's wearing a fabulous 4th of July ensemble which features a halter corset with a sweethearts plunging neckline embedded with a blue, red and white color. The design showcases her curvaceous body and an enticing pleated ruffled mini skirt with a glamorous train, enhanced with a sculpted bow at the back, flaunts her adorable long legs, . She looks cute in her bowtie. Her classy prom hair is from Truth adorned with a patriotic hat embellished with lovely roses, sparkling stars and a pretty sheer flower deco. She's holding a flag to show her pride in that she is an American citizen. Her lovely mask adds some excitement and evades those who would easily recognize her. She furnishes her outfit with spectacular patriotic boots, fervid nails and a fabulous set of accessories. 

She offers another glimpse into her American pride as she changes her outfit to represents the Statue of Liberty. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France, she represents the Roman goddess of freedom. She bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

The gorgeous  one shoulder slant top and a bewitching skirt, with a drape design embellished with star pattern, definitely helps to bring out womanly silhouette. The Torch and the crown shows her enthusiasm from the empire state. She also wear a skin that matches the the color of the statue of liberty, 

A patriot in heart, mind and soul, Violeta chose INDEPENDENCE DAY for her talent because of its impact in USA history. Giving thanks with family gatherings enhance close family ties while enjoying the festivity. As well as 
commemorating those many lives that was been sacrificed in order to achieve the freedom that the current generation enjoys. Celebrating the biggest event of the history is a way of giving honor to those unsung heroes. She dances gracefully in her talent which is harmonized by the tunes of God bless America by Celine Dion and fireworks sung by Kattie Perry.

 Princess Violeta Talent Full Body

1st Category:  Swimwear Outfit _ Exotic "Theme" 

Princess Violeta Swimwear Close up
*The heat is on! Princess Violeta was inspired to wear an extraordinary swimsuit made from the natural resources of the beautiful tropical island of Hawaii. She's a typical nature lover who loves to explore and discover the mystery beyond its promising milieu.

*Prior to her wild imaginations, she modifies her swimsuit. She's wearing an enticing bandeau top which is made from coco shells in a strapless shape. Embellished with spectacular pearls , it lends maximum full lift cleavage with built in super soft padding made from coconut spathe to give her comfort. Enhanced with peculiar pearls which serves as a splendid string that holds together with another coco shell at the back. Her sultry thong manifests sensuality while she maneuvers and fascinates everyone's attention.

*Adding a touch of gilded beauty to her look, she wears a glitz of brown gems for her eyeshadow and brown blush on. Her head is adorned with a lustrous braided long crowning glory from Tukinowaguma admired and envied by every beautiful women. She graces with a complete set custom made accessories by GeorgiaStar Chau of Two lilttle Sisters which combines Princess's ideas on regards to textures to use. Her lovely Back to Nature wedges are from Finesmith. She finishes with fabulous brown nails from Mandala. Oh yeah! SHE'S ONE OF A KIND...

Princess Violeta  SWimwear  Full Body

Swimwear Exotic Styling: 

Swimsuit: PS Coco Shell_modify
       coconut headress_Customized from Two Little                                Sisters
        Coconut Jewelry Set_Customized  from Two Little Sisters
Make ups: Lelutka Gem
                 Brown Blush on from  Facepaint
                 Madrid Solo Fantasy make up
                 glow eyelashes_Earth
Shoes: Back to Nature Sepia wild Sandal
Nails: mandala Takara brown nails 
Hair: Nottry Ebony from Tukinugawa


Linggo, Setyembre 23, 2012

Exotica! Coco Girl by Lilou Merlin's Design...

                             Brace yourselves upon seeing this bizarre swimsuit made by no other than LILLOU MERLIN, one of gifted and extraordinary designer in sl grid.
LD_Coco girl

                             Princess Violeta  is wearing a fabulous and exotic Bikini created by Lillou Merlin.
She's  a  Princess of   South Sea Island,  she  epitomizes the taste of the  ocean and islands.
Her hair,encrusted with a feast of leaves and exotic flowers and fruits. Feature the enticing  coconut shell bandeau, embellished with  alluring  coconut spathe frills  with splendid strings of  abaca fiber which  finishes a  exquisite sculpted vine bow at the back to hold it together.  The bikini is reminiscent  of the fruits  of the coco  tree, and encapsulate  her curves.

                   Jewelry created by  GeorgiaStar Chau , a   tribal  and has  flashes of color to match, combining it  with  a tribal tattoo to  complete the look.

             "Tribal shoes back to nature"  from finesmith , is strappy and high, enhancing her beautiful long legs,
Princess'es  make up is soft  mellow colors  to  complete  the look of  the  island  princess.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 5, 2012


                                        CWS! Simply The Best!!! Master Styling III...July 20, 2012

Master Stylist Winner Annie Lennie, First runner up: Ms. Janet Brik, 2nd  runner up: Ms. Violetagrace (Princess Violeta)
                                      The hardwork was been totally paid off!!! Competing with the unbeatable,  highly respected, and proficient  in pageant and  modeling industry,  Ms. Janet Brink and amazing designer Ms. Annia Lennie. The pioneer stylist is Ms. Princess Violeta. It's really a tough competition.  From 35 models who joined the Master Styling Audition, 15 models only been selected and of course Princess Violeta is one of them. Now her struggle in the competition began. She's eager to bring home the bacon, and her styles are very unique, but due to certain circumstances happened,  she was been distracted and can't concentrate in her styling. But despite of  something that bothered her she still able to compose herself, and leave the drama behind the curtain.
                                        The Master Styling finalist we're given  1 month to prepare,  but Princess Violeta is a easy go lucky model. She was been busy preparing for her wedding in 1 week, then after a week is a misery due to her husband death, and been distracted  even to the last day of the event. She do love pressure. LOL. She pressured herself. And the most awaited day took place. Princess Violeta was nervous, because even to  the last minute of the pageant, she still preparing for her talent, and dealing the butterflies in her stomach. She was been thankful for all the support of her friends, who makes her laugh most of the time, which she got the courage to move on! Unfortunately she found technicalities in her props, Kassandragrace, her loyal and lovely sister, made props for her , and was not able to transfer to her, but the show must go on. Princess Violeta tried to make one but can't concentrate anymore. her hands we're shaking so she move forward to prepare for her talent which is 5 minutes left! Wow!!! Perfectly prepared right? or she is just brilliant. LOL.  


                             She's trendy , adventurous, risk taker, happy go lucky, opinionated, yet sweet and passionate. As Hippie evolves in her computer generation era , she thinks of a colorful outfit to speak out what was  on her mind.  She dressed in a trendy manner yet with sense of a being a free spirited person.
                              She's wearing a stunning teal ensemble  with elegance, a sweetheart halter tube top neckline  features a sensuous sheer collar with a classy and refined hippie fabric embellished on the bodice.  Flaunting her sunkissed skin, emblazed with  a gorgeous butterfly peace  and  eco love tattoo on her back.   A lavish design of her lovely flare  pants with a  touch of grooviness . Why speak ?  Added a captivating silhouette of a  flamboyant train embellished with peace emblem's , features  a layer of sculpted silk flowers. She  stand out  among the rest upon speaking out loud for her opinion. Adorned with eye catching head dress, integrated with trendy peace design accessories. She's all out to strikes anywhere and everywhere , gloriously dominate everyone's attention towards  her. yayyy! That's the fighting spirit. Be the best among the rest. ~grins
  HIPPIE OUTFIT Styling Card:
Dress:  (top)   B! FAShion fantasia
            (pants)   Elena Bell Bottom Pants from Bliss Couture
            (Collar )  from Purplemoon
            (Shoes)  from B! FAShion Fantasia
             (Hair)      from B! Fashion Fantasia

Make ups:  Teal perhaps eyeshadow from  glammorize
Lashes : From Miamai
                Lipstick modified
                blushes modified

Accessories:    Two Sisters Treasures Peace  jewelry set
Nails:               Finesmith  Teal Nails
Skin:               Dre Life courtesy of flora Stipe

Hippie Outfit Headshot
  Customized Peace accessories set  from TWO SISTERS TREASURES DESIGNED BY GEORGIASTAR CHAU.


                               She joins the gypsy caravan to experience the excitement. She explores  to capture the spirit of amazing musical culture as she express heartily while singing and dancing.  Astounding every audience she meet with the fire and soul in her voice. She performs gleefully,  in every graceful tap in her tambourine, she makes every heart beats fast , and uplift someones spirit in her glorious journey. She discovers her passion of art in music and dancing, which bonds intimately, allowing her to understand the life on the road, upon transferring from places to places,  for a living.
                               Her Royalty in elegant purple silk  sultry ensemble,  features an  enticing  plunging neckline,  with a sculpted bandeau embellished with a exquisite  gold coins, attached an  extra glitz of  dazzling chain dangling, with a rhymes like little  angels singing in heaven in her every  graceful maneuver. Added an eye catching   accessory in her belly  which flaunts her curvacious body.  The radiant stunning  long sleeves with a sculpted cuff, delicately   designed  with a lining of royal curly patterns which collaborates in her passion in the art of music and dancing.  Her sensational  skirt, with a sash of lovely sculpted bow in low  waist ,  embellished with luscious patterns and a gold coins attached with gorgeous tassels . The long skirt has layer of flexis with a feligree of gold which fascinates spectators in her supple and rhythmic artifice. Adding  a touch of gilded beauty to her look,   akin with splendid headdress with a sheer veil,  a adorable  long curly  crowning glory which admires by every pretty women. WOW! she's a pulchritudinous. ~grins.

Gypsy Outfit Styling Card:

Gypsy Dress: Tres Beau "Miss Turkey 2012"
Accessories:  Two little Sisters_TST Gypsy Red and Purple Set
                      Cancer Zodiac zign belly pierce
Footwear:        SD Vine Bare Gold Stilletto Feet
Nails:              Mandala Milky Nails  & Ring Hawthorn RED
Lashes:           Miamai_CAtwalk lashes_Glitter 02
Hair:                Emotions , Susan Brown
Make ups:        Glammorize Perhaps eyeshadow red
                        White widow Face Tatto_Whirlypops
                        FDP Face Tattoo gold
                        Madrid Solo Blush Only
                        lipstick modify
Skin:               Dre Life Tan skin courtesy of Flora Stipe
Props :           Pd gypsy tambourine purple          

Sideview Gypsy headshot

Frontview Gypsy headshot

CustomizeD  TST Gypsy Red and Purple  accessories set from TWO SISTERS TREASURES  designed by GEORGIASTAR  CHAU.

Outfit 1(Snowhite Theme Talent)
Outfit 3 (Snowhite theme Talent)
Outfit number #1& 3: Snowhite.  An enthralling beauty envied by several Princesses and hiding from her heartless step mum. She  remains herself compose,  with pride and dignity , living joyfully  which she  lingers at  the infinity sanctuary, with the  aid of several friends comforting her from the  tragic loss. Seems fairy tales comes to life in a modern living. Her classy outfit illuminates her beauty with a noble heart, featuring a lovely ruffled collar &   a sculpted sleeves. The delicately designed bodice with a thrill of  cascaded romantic neckline, embellished with a gorgeous bow at the center.  The wardrobe comes in two passionate  styles with a  glamorous short skirt and mind blowing  pluffy long skirt.

Snowhite Outfit Styling:

Dress:   Snowhite Outfit from Deviance
Hair:       Romantic Vintage hairstyle from Tutys
Shoes:    White Tribute Neige from Encore
Nails:     Solid White long Nails from finesmith
Accessories: Grace Accessories winter set from finesmith
Make up:  red perhaps eye later  eyeshadow
Lashes:  long saskia lashes from SP
Lipstick : F12 from Facepaint
Skin : Dre Life Skin natural

LD Orphee Black (Snowhite Theme Talent)_Outfit 2

Outfit  number # 2:        Mirror Mirror on the wall , who's fairest of them all. With a devilish grins, she is definitely the gorgeous woman throughout the universe upon marrying a handsome King!   She looks fab and elegant in her black  wardrobe, combines with a soft  romance with the alluring style of sheer lace creating  a bewitching  look. featuring adorable facade with  lavish design of Soft fur and  lacy  sleeves bestow  to the scene. a sensuous lacy fabric on the bodice  embellished with a sizzling  sculpted bow on the side.  Motivating fashion and seduction, her  luxurios high leg slit  creates a mythical  of sensuality and amid stunning elegance. Compliments the soft  sheer lace gloves for her delicate hands,  and hat with lovely feather's and a veil which is absolutely gorgeous!

Evil Queen mum Outfit Styling:

Dress: LD  Orphee Black
Hair: CArilyn brown
Shoes: 24 Shoe #6 Black
Accessories: Heartless Necklace black from finesmith
                    Pearl black diamond from Virtual Impressions
Nails : lady Gaga black from Mandala
 Skin: Dre Life Tan courtesy of Flora Stipe

(Outfit Number 4) Evil killer mum. She's so evil! She gonna do everything what she wants. Even stepping one's feet or grabbing down to make her on the top? nah,. all are question marks! mmmm, just don't mess with her, or else you will reap your fruit from bullying her , or let say you will regret upon knowing her. Just think what is on your mind and she will not give you a satisfactory answer. that's what makes  her evil. LOL  * She looks fierce yet gorgeous in her terrific black outfit! The fascinating  cloak add some sensuality, and a sensational veil which cover's her eyes from reading her dark secret plan. Looking through the eyes of madness! LOL..  The desirable bodice with a enticing darling neckline  features a soft feathers, which flaunt her beautifully curve body and a flowing skirt of feathers which elegantly and delicately sweeps when she maneuver. To add the spectacular enhancement, she brings a basket of poisoned apple instead of a knife.

 Evil Queen Mum (4) Outfit Styling :

Dress:    Snow Queen Black from HOB
Hair:        Ulrika Brown from Tukinowaguma
Make up:  Black perhaps eye later eyeshadow from Glammorize
Accessories: black peral from Alien bear Design
Lashes: Saskia Lashes from SP
 Blushes and lipstick modify
Shoes:  24 #6 Black shoe
Nails: Lady gaga Black from mandala
Skin: Dre Tan skin courtesy of Flora

Giselle White Outfit from Azul (Snowhite Theme Talent)_Outfit 5

(Outfit # 5) Finally, she's been free from all sorrows coincides with her from several days of mourning and misery. She have a new life to cherished and nurture. Life must go on! She's given a chance for  new day to rekindled , that life is precious. Forget,  forgive,and move on! Have fun, be happy and Smileeeeeee!!! she have lots of opportunities to grab  on and several friends and loveones who dearly loved her!!! It's good to be back and regain the missing part of her life , to fulfill what she achieve in the present! :) She's inspired ! LOL, with a big smile in her face like bunny, LOL. * Showing off the  soft feminine side yet intoxicating beauty, being influenced from her past struggles. She looks like an angel descended from heaven to be competitive in fashion at CWS . LOL. She looks pure in her angelic ensemble, featuring a divine puff sleeves with flexible bow. An exquisite lustrous silk  corset, with a sweetheart neckline, embellished with a sheer lace which delicately hugged her curvacious body. . Absolutely Enchanting! a sexy string closure at the back with a gorgeous flexible  bow.  A timeless elegance of skirt, featuring a billowing silhouette of lacy flexi skirts.

Snowhite Outfit Styling:

Dress: Giselle White from Azul
Shoes: White Tribute Niege  from Ncore
Hair : Vintage 40's from tuty's
nails: Solid White from Finesmith
Accessories: DRaping Pearl White  Set from Alyssa Bijoux,
make ups: F12 lipstick from FAcepaint
perhaps eye later red eyeshadow from Glammorize
Saskia long lashes from SP
Hibiscus drama series headpiece from Eolande's
Skin: DRe life Natural



Miyerkules, Agosto 15, 2012


                                    Are you FANTASTIC? HAVE PASSION FOR  FASHION? Then, what you are waiting for? A  gorgeous , fabulous and glamorous designs by  LILOU'S DESIGN suits for your taste, owned by Lilou Merlin. She is one of the greatest, amazing and creative designer in SL grid. A kind hearted person  and a courageous friend.
                                   It is a great honor to name such spectacular outfit  after your name .

                        Mesh evolution!   Lillou's Designs brings you the best in Romantic evening wear and is evident in this stunning mesh ensemble. Featuring a delicate floral print, Violeta captures a woman's alluring curves with its slim silhouette and low back. A handcrafted masterpiece, the bustle is sculpted into plethora of ruffles trimmed in lace as a celebration of a haute couture. Stunning floral embellishments and hat further enhance Violetta's fabulous artistry! Including a sculpted dazzling purple hibiscus bracelet.  Available in colors such as Grenat, Green, and Fuschia.   Violeta is a must have!


                    Let's talk about LOVE! LOVE is blind and conquers everything . Now it is time to STAND FOR  YOUR LOVE and fight for your LOVE!  This splendid ensemble with a  sweetheart neckline makes you feel more loved, features a stunning skirt with   vibrant combination color of black and red with an embellishment of  hearts which will makes you stand out among the crowd in every stride.

                                                       Billowing skirts of tulle and organza float with your every step making a grand entrance. This splendid outfit features delicate darling neckline  and lacy bandeau with a sculpted roses in the waist,  to give a lovely gaze upon complimenting  your curvacious body.   The clean white background and pops of vibrant colors such as Purple, Orange, and Blue give Georgia a head turning style that will leave all eyes on you. Also included is the matching hat decorated with floral and leafy embellishments and over the elbow gloves. 

                                                        So what are you waiting for lovely ladies?  LILOU'S DESIGN have a amazing group gift and sale every week. All of those items is a  must have ladies! Hurry up till outfits last. Shop till you drop. :) Please visit the site for more info.  steal and deals . :)

Martes, Hulyo 10, 2012


                                         Another amazing pageant of CWS to recount. The MS HOLLYWOOD 2012. I arrive one  hour before the pageant because of my time confusion as always. Mmmm, not  really time confusion, (~grins) but to keep in touch with some friends because of my hectic schedule from my wedding, preparing myself for the Master Styling grand finale, tending my own business, my CWS schooling, unfortunately, skipping some classes, but still thankful for the considerate Trainors and they allow me to cope up. Some of my friends accompany me to witness the said pageant and serves as our bonding moment.

I told them that there is a beautiful free gown. Anrol is already sitting in her chair. She looks stunning with the Sidney Abbot gown on. Which she will give it freely after the pageant. Alas! We are stunning! (~LOL) We had the same outfit, so I change my outfit immediately, wearing a elegant Titanic outfit designed by Dieder Rascon. After having a small talk with Anrol, I took a nap for 45 minutes and instructed my friends to wake me up 15 minutes before the pageant starts. People starts pouring in and fill the big dome. Some are supporters, observers and the rest are the models who wanted to have superb experience about the said pageant. Friends starts greetings each other. I wave and greeted co model Ania who arrived with Philippe. I hollar at Lilou Merlin upon her arrival, she is a lovely friend and extraordinary designer in SL grid. Woot!, Flora Stipe arrived and looks so gorgeous, wearing a beautiful and fab gown. At the backstage I eyed for Janet Brink and wish her good luck. Sidney, laci , Lilmana, looks confident. Seems the rest of the finalist are nervous. Of course, even me is nervous for the upcoming event of grand Master Styling finale and to think that I am not yet ready nor not yet done with the outfits despite of the ample time to prepare. Whew! so really busy.

Anrol Anthony, CEO of CWS wearing a Sidney Abbot gown

            The hour of judgement started and Anrol Anthony, the CEO of CWS , Simplly the Best!!! She shouts, " WELCOME To Classic W/ Style!!..Today Classic W/ Style will be giving away this Lovely Elegance Gown to all the people here watching our show. You must message me after the show so I can check my list if you are here. This Sidney elegant outfit will be coming directly from me. You must stay and watch our show and after the show, *SMILES* =). She continues, "Attention bloggers. if you are blogging our show today, You can win 3000L I am going to chose 3 best bloggers to blog our finale today. Make sure to send me your blog url and ask me an application for it". Nah! this is my fave, wishing that i can blog the event. so here I go, starts to regain composure and presence of mind since still sleepy. (~LOL) Anrol announces so I just my pay my attention. Welcome Everyone! Today we will give away a share of more than 200,000L to our Top finalist. Please stick around to witness our new crown winner. Such a big prize, huh!, some of the audience uttered with great excitement like Daisyduke Rallier, she exlaimed "sound exciting!". Anrol Anthony shouts again, " " Welcome and We are delighted you are here and wish only that your stay be as pleasurable as possible :)). FRIENDLY REMINDER: We are residing on a PG SIM. NO NUDITY, NO VOICE CHAT, OBSCENE LANGUAGE or TALK, LOUD GESTURES or SPAM! Please adjust your avatar and behavior accordingly. Thank you for cooperating with CWS policy!. I am wearing the gown we are giving away for Free for all the people from the audience. Also check the big statue picture that is the sample of the Gown we are giving away today. If you desire to pursue a career in modeling, the University of Classic W/ Style can teach you the skills you need to get started. You will learn all great things in Modeling, Photography and Blogging. Hurry and Enrol now. Just message me for an When you graduate from our University, you will become our CWS Model where you really find a work as a model. Accepting application now. At this time, I'd like to remind you to please help our models to do their very best by *removing* all unnecessary blings, attachments and scripted gadgets. This is particularly true of bling and AO items that listed in open chat. If you could detach those for the duration of the show, we'd appreciate it. Please adjust your avatar and behavior accordingly. Thank you for cooperating with CWS policy! You could turn on your speaker our DJ and Emcee Beautiful Wildrose will announce our Finale Live. Please no voice chat during our finale. so we may hear sounds and clear the live announcement from our amazing DJ and emcee Wildrose.
                                                 Anrol Anthony announces, " Greetings, Everybody, and Welcome to the final event for the Ms Hollywood Pageant. Tonight we will be giving away 200,000 lindens prizes, "YES" two hundred forty five thousand lindens. Most of you probably know me, but for those who don't, my name is Anrol Anthony and I'm the CEO of Classic w/Style. Also let me introduce my partner -- a loving and hardworking husband -- Steve101 Mccullough the CEO here at Classic W/ Style. Before we get on with the program, we have a few announcements to make. Anrol reminded again, If you could remove as many scripted items as possible, it will help cut down the lag. This is particularly true of bling and AO items that listed in open chat. If you could detach those for the duration of the show, we'd appreciate it. Also please be respectful of the others around you in this close space and refrain from chatting in open chat during the event.
But feel free to applaud and cheer each and every one of these wonderful finalists in today's pageant. Please no voice chat during our finale. so we may hear sounds and clear the live announcement from our amazing DJ WildRose. Finally, this afternoon's event, in addition to being announced in open chat, is being broadcast live by DJ WildRose on the Classic w/Style audio stream. We hope you enjoy this feature of today's program.
Ladies and gentlemen here we are still getting strong on all contest we do here.  We are the number one and the hottest in fashion and as you can see on our monthly Finale we do give away more than 200,000 lindens each month. All our finalists in this pageant have had the opportunity to learn the finer points of modeling and stagecraft. Today marks the culmination of work and months of dedication to the art of modeling for these finalists.

Ms. Sunrae Suntzu; Ms Hollywood 2011

                  Anrol introduces Ms Hollywood Walk of Fame 2011 Ms Sunrae Suntzu. I heard big applauses and cheers from the audience. Sunrae starts her farewell message as the reigning Ms Hollywood 2011. Sunrae quoted, " I am happy and honored to have been the crown winner of Ms Hollywood 2011; it was a very rewarding experience. The pageants here at CWS are both Glamorous and exciting. I extend a special thank you to Anrol and Steve for bringing the pageants to us, without you this would not be possible for any of us. Having been in many pageants here at CWS I feel that the Ms Hollywood famous is the most prestigious crown to win and I am pleased to pass this crown to the one that will shine the brightest tonight. Whoever the winner is tonight, I hope you will wear this crown with the same pride and honor that I have. Good luck to all of you, I think you are all simply the best. Again, applauses from the audiences heard in every corner of the big dome.

From L to R: Agee , Judge Lilou, Judge Peachy, Judge Sunrae

                                                                                                                       Anrol starts to introduce the three judges. Anrol Anthony announces, " Before we meet our contestants, let me take a moment to introduce our 3 judges who hold fates in the palms of their avs. Our judges will give our top finalists from 1 to 10 score and ten is the highest score. Ms Lillou Merlin One of the greatest designers in SecondLife. Binging the gap from real life artisan to second life fashion designer came very naturally for Ms Merlin. She love the outfits of so many real work fashion designers, that , she cant name one particular favorite. Here in Second Life, she finds that there are too many wonderful creators to name just one. She love the diversity of styles here. Our second judge is our Ms Hollywood 2011 crown winner Ms Sunrae Suntzu. Ms Sunrae Suntzu Hollywood Walk of Fame 2011 Crown Winner. Sitting in that judge's chair is the most difficult part of any contest. Every finalist here is so awesome and talented; I know what a tough decision it was for us. She is thankful to Anrol and Steve for bringing these fun events to us. Nowhere else in SL can we find such a challenge and the rewards that come with it. It is true, if you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it. Third Judge is Ms Hollywood 2009 crown winner Ms peach Jarvinen. Peach Jarvinen. was rezzed into Sl originally in march of 2008. being a noob, she did not understand the importance of names at the time.. however by July of that same year it became very apparent hence I created The "peach" here today. Her modeling career began in Dec 08 when she came across CWS while shopping. She immediatly joined the Hollywood Walk of Fame contest and began going to the free practices and styling contests. It took a while but she eventually got the hang of it all and Actually won CWS's first ever Hollywood Pageant. Since that time she have won many , many styling contests, She was a finalist in the 2009 Calendar Finale as Ms February, Ms Independence 2009, Ms Prestegious Model for July 2009, she was been a 1st runner up in one of the Hot Beach Body Pageants and 4th Runner up in a Ms Beautiful Pageant. She was one of the original set of Instructors when Anrol opened the university in Aug 09 and taught there until Feb 2010 when she thought it was time to strike, out on her own and try a different type of modeling. I have to say , as much Fun as I had running The Peach Parade it was LOT of work...I closed Peach Parade in Nov of 2010 due to financial and Rl Health issues. I commend Anrol for all she does and organized she has always had things. Since Nov 2010 she had been in and out of SL. Major health issues for both her husband and herself have kept her from enjoying alot of things she once loved. However, she have decided to put other things aside and start again in the modeling industry here in Sl. She have rejoined CWS and will will be a contestant in as many pageants as she can. She will be taking the advanced modeling class and hopefully get back on staff as a trainer at some point. She's excited to be a judge here today. She is expecting it to give her the insight into things she may have forgotten and things to think about for her own career.

Audience seat, (me) Princess Violeta  and Ladysunfire Erin
                       The moment of the contestants began, Anrol Anthony announces, "To today's contestants. All you can do is your best. Everyone can't win, but, with practice and perseverance you will all go far and become the truly great models you wish to be. The first event in today's pageant is the Swimwear competition and the Theme James Bond Partner in the movie and for them to create their own. Each contestant has been asked to create a look of their own -- and based on something that inspires or moves them -- and to present it to you here today. In addition, they have written an explanation of the outfit and what it means to them. Anrol gonna call each finalist and read their explanation. She quoted also that all of the information from the note and to be paste in local chat are exactly the same what was written on finalist notes. No coaching nor changing some words. Anrol send also a copy to all judges as their reference for them to score from one to ten. The names and categories are already arranged on the note. In every category , Anrol wants the judges to send her a copy of the score as well as their comments and she reminds them to save it first before sending her a copy.

7th finalist, Ms. Lilmana Artis-Bowler

                       Anrol starts to call the 7th finalist Ms, Lilmana Artis. Lilmama Artis-Bowler entered the realms of the SL world in Nov. 2, 2010. At first she found SL very fruitful, and she rented land, but her true desire was to design clothes and make jewelry. She learned to make clothing and did very well with that but it wasn't enough for her. Lilmama wanted to know more about modeling, so she spoke with Anrol Anthony and entered the Miss World Competition because her true goal is to become a model and with hard work and dedication, she accomplished her goals. During a styling event (Styling New York) Lilmama was approached by one of the models, Nickle Sparrowtree, whom then sponsored her to attend the UCWS. She graduated from Classic With Style Model School Class of November 2011 and Class of May, she just recieved her Doctorate in Modeling from Classic with Styles Modeling Agency. Lilmama never thought she would be a model, but she has been given a chance to live a dream come true and is loving every minute of it. Good or Bad, she just knows that with hard work and lots of practice, she will continue her journey as a Simply D'Best Model. She has won several Styling events since she entered the Miss World Competition, Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, she has entered a dance contest at CWS an has won 2nd place in Dancing with the Stars Competition and has become the Super Model she has proclaim. Lilmama reflects back on her modeling, and her aspirations are to just continue on with the same mature attitude and to be nothing but herself in everything she embraces. She wishes to thank all the people here at CWS for being so supportive of everything she does and wishes every one of her peers the very best of luck. Her Bikini outfit, she handles a pump-action shotgun like no woman you’ve ever seen! Doesn’t beat around the bush! She casts from the hip and lands what she wants!! Deadly with a pistol and in unarmed combat, she's drop-deadly gorgeous in an black bikini! Take the plunge in this sultry, sexy black swimsuit with sheer jacket. This is designed to flaunt your beach bod, this one-piece dips low in front. She wears the embellishment and high-cut sides that show miles and miles of leg and cover up without covering it all. This ruffled wonder wows in of-the-moment sheer crochet for a sexy peek-a-boo effect. With an easy, effortless fit gone girly with rows of flirty ruffles on the front. Where you’ll always find the most glamorous suits with dramatic touches for sand and sea.


OUTFIT: *DNR* Bubble Bloem Swim Wear Set Created by Nicki Ree.
SHOES: N-core ILLUSION Shoe Created by Claire Messenger.
SHAPE: SHani SHape By Kush (new) Created by Bucket Linden modify by me.
EYES: Miss-Brown_Grey Contact
SKIN: Fierce Body Bonutique Skin --Samor 05 tan Created by SueMoria Emerald.
MAKE-UP: Face Make Up Combination (smokey+lipgloss) Created by Noya Resident.
HAIR: curly black ponytail Created by Mariyah Mosely.
JEWELRY: JCNY 'First Romance' Engagement Created by JD Hansen and and black creamshop earrings Created by Mariyah Mosely.

6th Place finalists Ms Laci Rossini

                 Anrol calls 6th Place finalists Ms Laci Rossini. Laci started in SL in March 2007, at first she took on many jobs but her true love was always shopping and fashion. She yearned to wear the nice clothes she seen in shops and on the runway of the fashion shows that she attended. She was notified by a friend who was running a modeling school and immediately joined, She loved it and the runway, but she then put her dream on hold, settled down with a partner had some kids and ran a club where she learned how to DJ, Dance And Host. She is now back to modeling and has graduated from UCWS, Sept 2011 class and is now a Simply the Best Model, and she wants to thank Anrol for giving her the chance to enroll and also Steve for making a dream come true, and to all the trainers there for doing an awesome job. She has also graduated from other modeling schools and feels education is a never ending process and continues to learn more. She is currently working for Zuri's jewelry, Purplemoon, and in several Modeling Agencies. She just won the Ms. May Calender Model at CWS, Prestigious Model award, and Dancing with the Stars contest with Tiffani Celestalis, and is an Advanced Model Graduate of CWS, and she continues to strive to be Simply the best! Her Swimwear Outfit, Laci decided to depict secret agent Wai Lin, a bond girl in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies. Wai Lin is a Red Chinese agent for The People's External Security Force. Totally independent, resourceful, highly intelligent and an expert in martial arts, Wai Lin needs no looking after. She is adapt in the martial arts and uses it to her advantage. Laci picked a very sexy black latex commando type bikini from Graves Latex and leather called Bar body. She added some guns to add to her secret agent type persona. Hair and shape by Dr. Life and skin by ND/MD called Yoko finish the oriental character she choose to depict.

4th Place finalists Ms Liberty Lighthouse

                         Anrol calls the 5th Place Finalists Ms Kiralyn Destiny. But Kiralyn was not around, so she calls the 4th Place finalists Ms Liberty Lighthouse. Liberty Lighthouse is from the USA, a Southern Bell from the State of Louisiana. Liberty entered SL on December 18, 2009. Liberty heard about sl on a tv show called CSI, so a few days later after watching the show she went on the web to read about it, Liberty still was not to sure what sl was all about but down loaded it anyway. She then decided to research role play Sims, she found Tombstone and began her career there as a Madame at Dutch Annie's, she did the hiring and the event planing, and planed over 100 events before she retried from Dutch Annie's after being there for 2 years, and then she decided to see what else sl had to offer. Liberty met Pmann Sands in Tombstone a sl and rl musician,not long after she met him she began to play keyboreds and second guitar In the Writer/Sands Band, she loves playing with Bones Writer and Pmann Sands who are both very talented musicians, but she decided that she wanted to do something that was just for her. Liberty's sister told her she had a great eye for fashion and that she knew Liberty would make a great model. So Liberty did some research on modeling and came across CWS, she enrolled in the April 2012 class at CWS, she graduated as valedictorian of her class. She also got her doctorate of Modeling in June 2012 from the University of CWS! Liberty was Ms June 2012, She was also 2nd runner up in Ms Hot & sexy body and Winner of Most Photogenic in Ms Hot & sexy body. She will work hard and do her best to become one of best model for CWS. The bikini Liberty has chosen for the Theme James Bond Partner is Jill Masterton who was played by Shirley Eaton. From the 1964 James Bond novel Goldfinger. In the film, Jill is a paid spy, working for Auric Goldfinger. She appeared in the film for no more than five minutes, but her death in the film. Painted head-to-toe in gold paint remains one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. Liberty wanted to create the Jill Masterton look, So she chose a beautiful golden skin with gold lips and yellow make up, she also added mermaid gold Fantasy Eyelashes, sun gold nails and rings, Gold eyes, long golden hair and Sexy sparky body glitter and for her swim wear she chose a Glitter-Golden two piece bikini, that has a very low plunging neckline with Hipster bottoms that has thin string sides that hug her hips very well. Liberty also added a pair of N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition "Gold" high heels, To top off her Jill Masterton look. Liberty had alot of fun and enjoyed creating the Jill Masterton look. She hopes everyone enjoys her look as much as she does. Liberty is now off to go find Goldfinger and paint him from head to toe in gold leaf.

3rd Place Finalists Ms Suzie Marenwolf

                                     The 3rd Place Finalists Ms Suzie Marenwolf been called. Suzie Marenwolf rezzed into SL 09/13/2009. Since then Suzie has enjoyed each moment in SL, especially the times she has had with her CWS Family. She graduated in the January 2010 Class and she greatly honored to have had the wonderful Ms Veronica as one of her Tutors, and Ms Tabby as Mentor. Although Suzie has been in a few pageants, she has yet to be crowned, and as everyone knows, it is her hope that she will be one day soon. Suzie's shape and skin has developed considerably since she first started modeling. In July 2010, she found a modifiable shape at "sophistishapes" that she really loved, and a Belleza skin. Suzie has not turned back since then. Her favorite hair of the moment is from Truth and W&Y - so realistic! Her Partner is Freddie Mocha, who is the best photographer in SL, to whom she owes a huge amount of her success. Their pictures are a result of total team work and professional respect, and they brainstorm ideas to get the best out of them then develop the final idea photographically. Suzie is his greatest Fan. Suzie would like to take this opportunity to Thank Freddie for being her partner for all the amazing photographs. To Erin for her amazing friendship. Veronica and Taby her Teachers, Debbie for her shoulder to cry on. To Steve and Anrol for creating a place for many Ladies to come and learn. To the esteemed Judges, and audience, she hopes that you enjoy the pageant. Suzie's daring Leather swimsuit was inspired by the James Bond Movie Octopussy, where James Bond's next mission sends him to the circus. A British agent was murdered and found holding onto a priceless Faberge egg. Kamal Kahn buys the egg at an auction, but Bond becomes suspicious when Kahn meets up with Russian General, Orlov. Bond soon finds out that Kahn's and Orlov's plan is to blow a nuclear device in an American Air Force Base. Bond teams up with a circus group, which is headed by the beautiful Octopussy, who is also an ally to Kahn. Will Bond be quick enough, before World War III begins? QUOTES FROM OCTOPUSSY -Vijay: Is he still there?

Q: You must be joking! Double-0 seven on an island populated exclusively by women? We won't see him till dawn! This classy white leather bikini trimmed in black leather is by AY and truly represents a bad girl gone good. Accessorized with black leather boots and a holstered dagger this bikini outfit is a sexy assault weapon.

BOOTS - Bax in Black Leather
HAIR - Truth Francesca

2nd Place Finalists Ms Janet Brink

                      Oh, waiting for her to come out, a good friend Janet Brink , she is the 2nd Place Finalists. Janet Brink entered Second Life January 14, 2007, skin and hair was still in it's infancy, and everyone was hoping for improvements. Her early days were spent learning everything she could about building, she created wonderful, realistic castles, villas, and a second life scaled model of Chateau Chenonceau complete with interior details. One day a friend told her about modeling, so she searched SL and found the Classic with Style ad, she was so impressed, so enrolled Nov 2011 to classes at UCWS and thinks it was and is a wonderful experience. She has recently graduated from UCWS Advanced classes and was honored to be the first to have a doctorate for modeling in Second Life. She also participates in many styling events, and strives to give her best in everything she does. Photography is one of her loves, so taking photography classes was the perfect idea to blend her love of wonderful pictures with her styling. She has seen SL grow and mature, and her love for shopping is a joy for her love of the runway. She loves to spend hours, finding the perfect shoe for the gown, the perfect hair, the perfect jewelry, the perfect makeup, she is very conservative in her views of fashion, but looks for that distinctive, unique gown or costume. 'Perfect' look that is needed in modeling. She is currently a two crown winner, winner of both the Ms Princess and the Ms Top Model pageants, but the Prestigious Model Award given to her, is what she holds dear to her heart. She thanks her partner, Ziva Brink for steering her in this direction, as she endeavors to be a great model and is dedicated to her training and pursuit of her goals. Janet dreams of becoming a top model and she looks forward to all the wonderful things that she will encounter. She is a very dedicate and driving woman, and when she makes a commitment, she will always be there. She is not a stranger to the stage, in RL she was a Jazz pianist, working in several nightclubs to put herself through college with a degree in Performing Arts, currently she is a concert pianist and church organist, pursuing her musical career and dreams. She gets the same thrill in modeling in SL as she does playing a concert in RL, modeling is a love she can not resist...the thrill of the runway...her heart beating fast as she takes her walk. Her bikini, This first styling event is a James Bond bikini girl theme, and what a lovely swim wear she is wearing, custom made for her by Ayiki Takakura called << Caterina >>, a beautiful copy of the La Perla swim wear that Caterina Murino wore in the movie Casino Royale. The stylistic mint colored bikini was seen as she was riding her horse on the beach while James was watching her from the ocean. The bikini is so beautiful with it's unique color and styling, the bottom with a faux belt look, and the halter top with the clasp in the front with the same belt look and lovely styling on the cups, all beautifully shadowed to give a 3D effect. The matching sarong is knotted to the side, which solves the problem of wearing it and still showing off the lovely bottom. A lovely necklace in green unfinished stones by Zaara linked with gold links, and beautiful bangles by Inoiu in green and gold complement the beach look. Wedges by N-core in menthe tied at the ankles make a beautiful looking shoe for the boardwalk, and easy to slip off for the beach. Janet was looking for hair similar to the style of Caterina, and found it with Amacci << Ann >> in Ebony, which is a very nice shade of dark brown. Janet completes her look with makeup, adding layers until she had a soft beach look. Oh Janet's horse << White Western >> by White Oak Equines has just arrived, just in time so that she can take her ride down the beach............she waves as she leaves us.

Swim Suit Outfit:
Swim wear: Ayiki Takakura - Caterina
Hair: Amacci Hair - Anna - Ebony
Jewelry: Zaara - ZC : Swarit necklace - Gold Shell
Inoiu - Diu Bangles -green
Shoes: N-Core - Etolie - Menthe
Skin: Lara Hurley - Kae
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Izzie's/Blackliquid
Shape: Custom Model Swim Shape by Ziva Brink
Horse: White Oak Equines - White Western

First Place Finalist Ms Sidney Abbot
                      Anrol draws the attention of the audience as she calls the First Place Finalist Ms Sidney Abbot. Her name is Sidney Abbot and she is a super model with Classic with Style. Sidney rezzed in SL on May, 15, 2009 and for the first year and a half she acheived many of the goals that she set for herself. She owned 5 stores, became a builder and made many friends. In December of 2010 Sidney closed her stores and focused on her first love which was the world of fashion. Sidney attended Classic w/Style University and graduated in December 2010 as valedectorian of her class. Sidney recently went back to the University to obtain her Doctrine in Modeling. An achievement that Sidney is very proud of and graduated in June 2012 with the help of Anrol, Steve and all the wonderful trainers. Sidney has received many awards since she became a model and these acknowledgements have given Sidney the confidence and drive to continue to be the best model she can be. Sidney was awarded the Prestigous Model Award both in 2011 and 2012. Sidney also has won many stylings with CWS and she especially enjoys doing these as they tap into her creative side. Sidney was the winner for March 2012 Most Creative Stylings. 2011 and February 2012. This was a very special honor for Sidney and she was very pleased to represent those months. Sidney was on the cover of Classic with Style magazine in October 2011 and also May 2012. Sidney has entered three other pageants and placed 2nd place in two and 5th place in one. Each pageant that Sidney enters she hones in her abilities and talent and hopes to be able to win a pageant in the near future. Sidney loves doing the weekly fashion shows as it allows her to wear some of the most beautiful clothes in SL made by some very talented designers. Sidney's experiences in modeling have given her the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, establish some awesome friendships and taught her to grow within herself. Sidney will never forget this life we call Second Life. SWIMWEAR O/11Sidney chose to duplicate the look of Halle Berry as Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson, an NSA agent and Bond girl in her 007 role in the 2002 movie Die Another Day. Sidney chose a sexy orange bikini which fit her body perfectly and exentuated the curves of her body. Sidney actually had this bikini in her inventory. The bright color brought out the warm tan color of her skin. Sidney is wearing brown eyes to look like Halle. Sidney also chose to wear her hair short like Halle and added some long orange and gold dangling earrings. Sidney is wearing the white belt around her hips with the notorious knife on her side. Sidney decided to wear white ankle boots with orange soles to complete her look. Sidney felt very sexy and powerful in this outfit of choice and it made her feel like a "real Bond girl."

Swimsuit-Sweetheart Bikini by Awesome Designs
Hair- Bo by Mad Design
Earrings- Ayelet Earrings by Finesmith
Belt & Knife-White Belt by CS Design
Boots-White Belt Learther Strap Boots by A&A
Eyes- Duccio by Pulse


                  The Swimsuit theme was finished. While the judges was given a few moments to tally their final standings, the gorgeous CWS New Models who just graduated couple days ago, are going to perform and dance for us. Ms Sagia Resident, Ms Subrina Bearsfoot and mentored by Executive UCWS Trainer Ms Tiffy Celestalis, the award winner Dancing w/ The Stars. They are all fabulous New Models for Classic W/ Style.. That just tells that CWS models are not even great in modeling and they are also fabulous in dancing.

                                       Each contestant has been assign to do their talent , this category has a theme. Anrol have asked each one to create a talent, and the "Theme" Be a Famous Movie Star. They will create a talent all about Yellow . and based on something that inspires or moves them -- and to present it to you here today. In addition, they have written an explanation of the talent and what it means to them. Again she quoted that upon calling all the finalist, she will read their explanation as what they presented it to her. Noted that she didn't change any wordings nor the spellings from the note given.

7th finalist Ms LiImana Artis

                    Anrol called Lilmana Artis rto perform her talent to the audience. Lilmama better known today as Tina Turner from Mad Max, for she is Aunty Entity, the ruthless founder of an human outpost in the wasteland, the community of Bartertown. She was basically a warrior woman in the RW Era. She is wearing PeKaS Outlaw outfit, black cape, sheer shimmier undertop, black bustier, black skirt with splits on both side, black heel boots, black and gold loop earrings, and curly ponytail.


OUTFIT: PeKaS Outlaw Woman Black Created by Wyld Magic.
SHOES: [AL] Slim Knee Length Boot Soft Tones Created by Abi Latzo.

SHAPE: SHani SHape By Kush (new) Created by Bucket Linden modify by me.
EYES: Miss-Brown_Grey Contact
SKIN: Fierce Body Bonutique Skin --Samor 05 tan Created by SueMoria Emerald.
MAKE-UP: Face Make Up Combination (smokey+lipgloss) Created by Noya Resident.
HAIR: curly black ponytail Created by Mariyah Mosely.
JEWELRY: JCNY 'First Romance' Engagement Created by JD Hansen and black creamshop earrings Created by Mariyah Mosely.

6th finalist Ms Laci Rossini

                   Next to  perform her talent is Ms Laci Rossini. Laci decided to do a Belly dancer talent and chose Katrina Kaif, the actress in bollywood. She had film success in Sheila Ki Jawani. Laci took this actress a bit further and made her dance with a snake. A very sensual and erotic type of belly dance. She will be dancing for you tonight and take you back to ancient egypt to the lovely Hathor's Temple at Dendarah, Egypt. In the innermost shrine, are long wavy serpents carved in black basalt and featured in places of honor among the other power symbols. For several millennia the caduceus, two snakes intertwining up an eternal flame or winged staff, has been widely used in the medical and healing professions. Snakes are MOVERS! They exist in a celebration of primordial atonement and natural "beingness", making them inspiring teachers and wonderful dance partners ........ although dancing like a snake doesn't necessarily mean dancing with one. LACI choose erotic sensual bellydance outfit called serpent belly dancer by BG. She added BG poi veils to dance with. The snake is her dance partner and came with the outfits, She then added Zuri Jewels called Envy and Laci Elite Tiera. Shoes by perfect 10 complete her look. Hair by Vanity.

Ms Liberty Lighthouse

                      Ms Liberty Lighthouse Liberty chose the Famous Movie Star Beyoncé Knowles, she is not just a actress, Beyoncé is also a famous singer. Beyoncé Knowles hit movies are, Carmen: A Hip Hopera (2001),Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), The Fighting Temptations (2003), The Pink Panther (2006), Dreamgirls (2006), Cadillac Records (2008) andObsessed (2009). Liberty is wearing a black body suit with red trim all around the edges, Sexy high heeled stiletto with leg warmer that hugs the heel of the stiletto also a silver beautiful unique bracelet,hand ring,nails set on her left hand and silver nails on her right hand. Liberty also is wearing, A Bronze Skin called Beyonce2 from RedGraves and Beyonce gorgeous brown eyes that she just had to have, To add some more decadence to the look. Liberty will be dancing to the song, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" is a song by American recording artist Beyoncé Knowles from her third studio album, I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008).

[*RG*]  01b Bronze Skin -Beyonce2
 Eyes Spotlight -Brown- *REDGRAVE*
Gawk! Sports Body - BLACK -
:)(: Sandy Shoes Black
[MANDALA]KABUKI Bracelet/Hand ring/Nails/SILVER
>TRUTH< Andrea - latte hair

              Next is Ms Suzie Marenwolf.  Suzie was inspired by the wonderful movie the wizard of oz where Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas until a cyclone arrives, and picks her, her house, and her dog up and deposits them in the land of Oz. Things in Oz are strange and beautiful, but Dorothy just wants to get back home. She's helped by the Good Witch of the North, but she's also in trouble with the Wicked Witch of the West, who seeks revenge for the death of her sister; the Wicked Witch of the East, for which she blames Dorothy. Wishing to return, she begins to travel to the Emerald City where a great wizard lives. On her way she meets a Scarecrow who needs a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who desperately needs courage. They all hope the Wizard of Oz will help them, before the Wicked Witch of the West catches up with them.  Suzie has chosen to wear six different female version outfits from the Wizard of oz, showing the main characters from the Film.  During Her talent, Suzie will be dancing various dances to enhance the characters, and then finally flying off in a hot air balloon back to the land of Kansas.  The six extremely sexy versions of the wizard of oz costumes were designed by ATOI; Suzie has accessorized each of the costumes with hair and footwear.
Suzie Marenwolf

Outfits worn by Suzie for Talent are
 Dorothy - ATOI, shoes and stockings by Dorothy, Hair Truth Velvet
Scarecrow - ATOI, Boots, AS in Caramel, Truth- Florence
Tinman - ATOI, Boots by Vendetta, Hair Nikita Ice
Lion- ATOI, Bax Boots in brown, Hair Catwa Hayfa
Wicked Witch of the East - ATOI, Witch shoe, Hair Nikita Blackout
Glenda the Good Witch - ATOI, LG Shoes, Hair Catwa- Lamar   

           Ms Janet Brink turn to perform her talent.  Janet 's love of music and entertainment made her pick one of the famous all time movie dance team, Fred Astaire and  Ginger Rodger, she will be the lovely and talented Ginger Rodgers and her alt Crissy Boyle will be one of the best dancers of all time Fred Astaire.  Her music is "Cheek to Cheek" by Irving Berlin, from the movie Top Hat (1935). The dress that Ginger wore in the movie was a very famous one with feathers at the top and bottom and of course it was in the style of the times, Janet was able to make something similar using two gowns from the vintage designer Donna Flora << Cherie >> and using the bottom fringe from one dress, adding it to her top.  The straps are lovely in a faux diamonds look, continuing with the same design over the bust and across the back.  As with the dress in the movie, the stunning part is all the 'dancing' fringes that move and sway with you, all in a lovely champagne color. She is wearing lovely heels by N-core in pearl, her pearl jewelry is a beautiful necklace by Alienbear with matching pearl drop earrings, and stunning bracelet in pearls and diamonds, all in silver. Janet cried when she tried on the hair by EMO-tions, she looked so much like Ginger she could not believe she had done it. Janet finished with soft pink makeup, and is ready to dance the evening away with her partner.........hmmm and where is her partner, late as always!!

Dress: Donna Flora - Cherie                                             
Janet brink and Crissy Boyle

Skin: Lara Hurly Katya
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Mock/Glamorize
Hair: EMO-tion - Elaine - blonde
Jewelry: Alienbear - Kitty Cryus - white pearls
            Virtual Impressions - Bracelet - Gina
Shoes: N-core - Soul - Pearl

          And here goes Fred Astaire all decked out in his white tie and tails he so often wore in the movie parts he had.  Crissy is wearing a tux with tails by SF Design << June Tux>>, her shoes are by Pixelfashion << Oxford Shoes >> in black, her hair is a dark brown hair base by Tuty's, and her tall thin shape is by Ziva Brinks.  Please watch as they do their dance to "Cheek to Cheek".....and here they go!

Ms Sidney Abbot

The last but not the least is the  First Place finalists Ms Sidney Abbot been called. Sidney has chose to be Jennifer Lopez. The reason Sidney chose Jennifer is because she is an entrepreneur. She is multi-talented as a singer, dancer, movie star and has started many businesses ventures.
Today Sidney has decided to do a dance by one of Jennifer's many popular songs. Sidney chose "On the Floor." Sidney designed and built the stage that she is performing on. Sidney chose this song because of it's upbeat and fun presentation. Sidney had the song choreographed by a dear friend, talented dancer and fellow model, Lady Erin Sunfire whom she is very grateful to for her exceptional talent.   Sidney is wearing a rock star outfit and when choosing this particular outfit she thought J Lo would approve of this and she could see her wearing it at a performance.  Sidney chose a pair of jeans that show off her best "asset." They are tight to her body and show off her very curvacious body and back side. Sidney is wearing a bra and vest with blue and green beads in the front.  The belt is also  encrusted with jewels and the jeans have embroidery on them. Sidney has gold ankle boots on. Sidney's hair is light brown and wavy just like J Lo's. Sidney also chose diamond bracelets to wear on her left wrist and big gold hoop earrings. Sidney's make up is sultry and  smokey which shows off her brown eyes. Sidney has her headset on and she is ready to rock the dance floor as J Lo.
 Jeans-Rockstar Pants by Son!a
Bra and Vest-Rockstar by Son!a
Boots- Gold Metallic Ankle Boots by BAX
Earrings- Nuvella Hoops Gold by Indy & Co.
Diamond Bracelets-Pamela Twin Channel Diamond Bracelet by Dahlinks
Makeup- Soot by Curio
Eyes-Duccio by Pulse
Subrina and Sagia with DebbieDoo at the back 
                                    The talent portion was finished  and judges are given a few minutes to tally their standings. While the gorgeous  CWS New Models will perform and dance. The gorgeous dancers are Sagia and Subrina mentored by no other than DebbieDoo.They were introduced before they start to perform as Gangsterettes performers  to All that jazz from Chicago . the most loving and caring lady who has been in SL for over a year now, but was new to modeling just 4 short weeks ago.  She has gone from a lady who could spell AO but didnt know what to do with one, to a famous model here with CWS.  Every trainer at our lovely UCWS has commented on just how much she improved in a short amount of time, and how she has deserved to graduate as a CWS model.  She practiced for hours and had a 100% attendance and is everything a famous model should be. While Subrina has been in sl for a little under 2 years and had little experience of modeling.  She quickly formed a friendship with sagia and gave her great confidence when they trained together.  Subrina impressed all the trainers here with he kindness and loving nature and how she was so positive and helpful in class.  She never gave up and even drove 160 miles to ger her laptop fixed so she wouldn't miss her midterms.  She is a real treasure and like sagia will be with CWS for along time to come. Sagia been thankful to   Anrol and Steve for the opportunity. of  being part of the  family. Sagia quoted : "You both are exceptional in your endeavors. Thank you Debbie Doo for being my loving mentor and special friend. Thank you dedicated teachers who answered my many questions and helped all the way. Thank you Subrina for being my friend while we studied. Today, I feel like I am in a dreamworld and so uplifted. I hope I can pass this feeling of upliftment to others in the future." Oh what a lovely message. I was touch . Awesome!
                                       After the entertainment  Anrol Announces, " Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the final event of the Ms Hollywood Walk of Fame 2012.  Next up, Question and Answer with their  Evening Gown Competition also.  The Theme for this category is each finalist was asked to wear a "Theme"Be like Audrey Hepburn. I don't know Audrey Hepburn so it's time for me to ask my bestfriend google . (~lol). Anrol continues  to announce, "Each model has scoured the grid to find the perfect gown to present . They will be called one by one, and Anrol will read their notes provided to Anrol as they do their catwalk. They will scored from 1 to ten on how they followed the instruction given.  At the same time , their description will be copy paste about their  creative formal together with the question. Anrol Anthony announces, " Finalists I am going to paste your question as you are on the way to walk in front of the judges here,  then paste the description of your evening gown, then post the question again. then she instructed them " When you finish answering the question you may walk back stage to exit."
Ms Lilmana Artis-Bowler
                  Ms Lilmama ARtis been called. *Question*  Looks can be deceptive do you agree? Please Explain! Today Lilmama display's her Audrey Hepburn Look. She chooses to wear an Edwardian Lace Day gown. This gown captures the essential elements of Edwardian charm: a high neck, puffed sleeves, nipped-in waist, a sumptuously full sweep of skirt and plenty of lacy detail, and an mauve hat with white bow with lace trim an matching umbrella. This dress is simply amazing and would look gorgeous.

OUTFIT: TVC 1910 Edwardian Lace Day Ensemble mauve ( earrring, necklace, hat, umbrella, and shoes included) Created by Khookie Loon.
SHAPE: SHani SHape By Kush (new) Created by Bucket Linden modify by me.
EYES: Miss-Brown_Grey Contact
SKIN: Fierce Body Bonutique Skin --Samor 05 tan Created by SueMoria Emerald.
MAKE-UP: Face Make Up Combination (smokey+lipgloss) Created by Noya Resident.
HAIR: curly black ponytail Created by Mariyah Mosely. Anrol repeats the question.  Q: Looks can be deceptive do you agree? Please Explain! Lilmama Artis - Bowler says , " please give me 5 minutes to answer question."  Answer: Looks can be deceptive bute eye of the beholder. true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Ms Laci Rossini
                        Next been  called was  Ms Laci Rossini.  *Question*  Do you think plastic surgery is an option for those less fortunate in the looks department? Why? Please Explain! As Laci do her catwalk . Her creative description been read For this creative look, Laci decided not to depict a movie star but to be in something that she would wear. She decided on a beautiful gown by House of Europe called Didier Rascon. when she first saw it it spoke glamor and class. and something that was very creative. As you can see the color is a beautiful red with white feathers and bow. that adorne the bodice and flows down the back to a very wide skirt that sparkles and hugs the floor.. This look could be an angel that has wings and flys away.  Laci created a look befitting a movie star with a crown of snowflakes and jewels.

 Creative outfit:
Angelik House of Europe, Crown by Tres Beau, Necklace and Earrings and Bracelet by Zuri Rayna, Hair by Exile. Shoes by N-Core.

*Question*  Do you think plastic surgery is an option for those less fortunate in the looks department? Why? Please Explain!

Answer : Well, I dont feel anyone should have to change there look, its whats inside that counts, if they want to change there look then its an option, but to me i wouldnt. to be yourself is the best

Ms Liberty Lighthouse
                                        Next  is  Ms Liberty Lighthouse. Anrol Anthony announces: *Question*  Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere and What are you?  Please Explain! The dress Liberty chose is from her favored movie of  Ms Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Liberty is wearing the  Little Black cocktail dress.The dress is black wool   cut simply  straight, A  knee-length  slim fitting skirt with a flexi frilled hem.   A satin bow sash finishes off the waist and a slightly open boat neck bodice  in the front. Liberty favored part of the dress is the  neckline that leaves her shoulders uncovered  which outlined her lean shoulder blades. Liberty also  added the right accessories to match her Audrey Hepburn Little Black cocktail dress, A pearl choker of many strands that slightly opens in the back , a foot long cigarette holder, a large dark grey felt hat with a black edging and chiffon flexi white ribbon, black elbow length gloves and oversize tortoise-shell  sunglasses with brown trim edges.  Liberty Loves creating all of her outfits, she spends alot of time looking around all over sl for the perfect outfits that makes her stand out. She hopes everyone enjoys them as much as she does. Liberty would like to thank everyone for coming out this evening, she always has so much fun here at CWS. She would like to give a big thank you to Ms Anorl and Mr Steve,  for taking there time and creating CWS and also a big thank you to all the hard working Trainers here, with out you she would not be standing here today. Thank you to  judges for taking time out from their busy schedules to be here.  Have a wonderful evening everyone.

Outfit: Crazy Pastry Designs-Audrey &  accessories
Dark Mouse Cascading Beads Necklace - Pearl Choker
>TRUTH< Jocelyn - espresso hair
LAQ ~ Tasha2 skin  -2

Q:  *Question*  Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere and What are you?  Please Explain! 
A:   I would be a little of both because you can't have one without the other. I am good at being bad , but really I think I am both no one is perfect. I do try to be good mostly of the time but whats the fun in that. 

Ms Suzie Marenwolf
                            Anrol called Ms. Suzie Marenwolf. *Question*  What do you think money can buy?
 Please Explain!  "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "Audrey Hepburn" are phrases we all know.  But do you know the impact they had on the fashion world?  Audrey Hepburn's elegant style is still regarded by many fashion experts as their biggest influences.  Coco Chanel started the trend for pearls, but Audrey mainstreamed them years later.  Those oversize sunglasses you see everyone wearing that are so in fashion, who do you think originally started the trend? Another little known fact about Audrey Hepburn is that the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was not written to star her.  The role was written for Marilyn Monroe, but Audrey got the part.  Audrey acts as naive Holly Golightly with an innocence that Marilyn couldn't portray.
 She maintains a childlike innocence yet wearing the most perfect of designer clothes and accessories by Givenchy, she spends her time on expensive dates and at high-class parties.  "I don't want to own anything until I know I've found the place where me and things belong together.  I'm not quite sure where that is just yet. But I know what it's like.... It's like Tiffany's...." Suzi's gown is a replica of Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy black Italian satin sheath evening gown.  This sleeveless, floor-length gown with fitted bodice is embellished at the back with a distinctive cut-out open neckline that leaves uncovered shoulders.  The skirt is slightly gathered at the waist and, accompanied by a pair of black elbow-length satin gloves.  She has accessories her gown with a bold wide brim hat by Crazy Pastry Designs copying the one wore by Audrey in the movie.  Her pearls are by Cento Pallini and replicate the Givenchy design from the movie. She loves this ultra-feminine Parisian look. As Holly Golightly said "That's right. I'm just CRAZY about Tiffany's!"
Outfit: GOWN - LBD Audrey gown
JEWELLERY - Cento pallini

Q:  What do you think money can buy? Please Explain!
Suzie quoted before she answer the question: Thankyou Lillou, Sunrae and Peach, for being such wonderful and patient Judges, please allow me a minute to think about my answer, before I reply.
A:   Money can buy you all the material things of this earth. It is said that for money you can have everything, but you cannot. You can buy food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; knowledge, but not wisdom; glitter, but not beauty; fun, but not joy; acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not faithfulness; leisure, but not peace. You can have the husk of everything for money, but not the kernel. Money can buy you happiness, as long as you give some of the money away, or use it for an experience rather than buying a product. You can buy a college degree, but not an education
You can buy insurance, but not safety
You can buy jokes, but not laughter
You can buy a bed, but not sleep
You can buy a house, but not a home
You can buy a Bride, but not Love
You can buy Friends, but not true Friendship. 
 How many times have you heard someone say if i had there money i would do things my way, yet little they know that it's so hard to find one rich man in ten with a satisfied mind, cause money won't buy your youth when your old or friends when your lonely or a heart that's grown cold, but through life experiences but i'm richer by far, with a satisfied mind " :) She give thanks  to everyone for coming & supporting the. She was been thankful also to Freddie, Anrol, Steve. To her  Friends Erin, Kira, Sunrae. She was   blessed for having being part of her life.

Ms Janet Brink
                                Wootttt! Janet turn to show her wits. As Anrol called her question and description been copy pasted. *Question*  What is your take on premarital sex? Please Explain!  Janet will take you back to Russia in 1812, as she plays Natasha from a 1965 movie called "War and Peace", starring Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda.  Janet has recreated the look from that movie with this breath taking gown by The White Armory << Whispered Silence >>,  she is amazed by the artistic flair of this highly detailed gown.  A lovely shoulder board popular at the time with ties at the bodice, lace sleeves are added with ties to hold them up, finished with hanging lace, and open hand gloves.  The bodice is a  highly detailed corset with modesty cups covered in silk, there is a lovely leaf pattern running through the corset, flaring to a wide waist with ties in the front.  A triple layered skirt with a baroque pattern all in white on white, this lovely gown is made for a princess. A beautiful updo << Adore >> by Son!a complements the elegant style of the gown and the formal look of this beautiful creation added to this is a exquisite tiara in diamonds also by Son!a.  Vintage ankle boots by V style with a lovely lace pattern are the perfect style for this era with tie fronts.  One could not ask for more lovely jewelry to complete this stunning ensemble, than << Jana >> by Son!a, a beautiful diamond necklace, with several richly detailed pearls.   Scarlet lips and eyeshadow with a touch of blush complete her makeup. Janet quoted: " Thank you everyone that came out tonight,  hope you have enjoyed the lovely story Janet has portray with costumes, styling, and talent.  She hopes you were as thrilled as she has been preparing this for you, thank you to the lovely judges tonight, also to Anrol, Steve, and the Classic With Style Staff for this place to express our styling and creative expressions.  Best wishes and luck to all...............Ciao".

 Creative Outfit:
Gown: The White Armory - Whispered Silence
Hair: Son!a - Adore updo - Umber
        Son!a - Kim Tiara - Gold & Diamonds          
Makeup: Madrid Solo/Izzie's/Madrid Solo
Jewelry: Son!a - Jana
Shoes: V Style - SKla V.2 - Vintage White
Skin: Lara Hurley - Kae
Shape:  Audrey Hepburn Shape by Ziva Brink

Q: What is your take on premarital sex? Please Explain!
A:  Janet Brink says : First I would like to thank the lovely Lillou Merlin for judging again tonight, and also our lovely Sunrae Suntzu and Peach Jarvinen, for taking the time to be here. least Anrol did not ask if I had sex before I got married....that was so long ago I would have forgotten if I had or not (hah). Why not have premarital sex if you are a responsible adult...we can call it a test ride; see how the engine is running, check the rear, kick the tires a few times? All joking aside, I do not believe in premarital sex, it is my religious upbring. 

Ms Sidney Abbot

The first finalist Ms Sidney Abbot, *Question* If you had a magic wand what is the one thing you would ask for? Please Explain! Sidney loved the movie "My Fair Lady" and decided to wear one of the marvelous costumes that Audrey Hepburn wore in the film. Sidney requested designer and fellow model Ania Lennie to create her outfit. Sidney was drawn to the all white lace gown with lavender sash and hat and asked Ania to make it for her. The gown is all white and has a lavendar sash just under her chest. The top has ruffles coming out from the sash and has a form fitting skirt which also flares out at the bottom with ruffles. The sweetheart neckline is simple yet elegant, just like Audrey Hepburn. Sidney chose white long gloves to wear with this dress. The large lavendar sash is made of silk material which compliments the delicate white lace of the gown. Sidney's hat is adorned with tulle, lavendar lace and white flowers. Sidney chose a three strand pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings. Sidney also chose white lace boots to compliment this simple but beautiful dress. Sidney also wore her hair like Audrey Helpburn wore in this movie, a pulled up bun with curls on the side. Sidney chose simple makeup to show off her natural beauty. Sidney believes that her style in clothing resembles Audrey Hepburn as she loves simple, beautiful elegance in her clothing. She is A Fair Lady.

Dress-By Ania Lennie

Hat-By Ania Lennie

Heels- Lace High Heels by MPP

Hair-Guadalupe 2 Updo by Pocket Mirrors

Pearl Necklace-Pearl Mixables Midlength by Eclectica

Pearl Earrings-Eclectica

Q: If you had a magic wand what is the one thing you would ask for? Please Explain!

Sidney says, Thankyou Judges, Lilou, Sunrae and Peach. I want to thank evveryone fo this wonderful opportunity. Please allow me a minute to get my answer for you.

A: If I had a magic wand what is the one thing I would ask for? There are so many things that I would ask for. But the one thing that I feel is the most important request is to end world hunger. I would like to see every baby, small child and adult be fed and have the feeling of a full stomach. To know that the next day there will be food on the table and the word starvation is no longer a part of their vocabulary. No person should ever have to die because of starvation. There are many countries with the revenue to take part in this epidemic and help. To be able to teach each country how to grow crops, raise animals, plant vegetables and fruits that would flourish in their countries and to wipe the tears from their eyes because they no longer know what it is like to not be able to have food would be an awesome accomlishment. I believe education is important and teaching them to do these things would help them become a country that could stand on their own and perhaps even help other countries that would be less fortunate. No one should ever have to feel hungry. If we all helped each other in this world we could do amazing things and grow closer instead of apart from one another. After all we are all from the human race and have that in common.
CWS Fabulous dancer with Laylah  Lecker
                                        All finalist we're amazing. Anrol called again the fabulous CWS dancers to give some entertainment. Ms Sagi and ms Subrina with their mentor Ms. Laylah Lecker. The 2 times award winner in  'Dancing with the Stars. After the entermission, Anrol call again the 7 finalist. She call them one by one. Started with Ms. LiLmana Artis, then followed by Ms. Laci Rossini, Ms. Liberty Lighthouse, Ms Suzie Warenwolf, Ms Janet Brink and Ms Sidney Abbot. They are the 7th finalist  of  Ms Hollywood Walk of Fame  2012. Applauses and cheers fills the big dome.
Mr REno Segall
                                                  Another entertainer been called while the judges tally all the scores from different themes. Mr. Reno Regall goes to the center of the runway. I'm not paying upon Anrol announcement. ~grins, so i message REno  that there is a ongoing pageant. ~LOL not knowing that he will sing, I  tp him out of the runway. ~grins. Anrol Anthony announces and instructed the audience, Im going to change to his stream so please toggle your mic. And she intoduce REno which I make a way to make friend with him.  As a Lead Singer, I have played in bands from Maryland to California. I learned how to play guitar at the age of 9 and performed in my first band at 15. I have performed live in Nashville at Tootsies, Wildhorse, California Fair and in front of Rascal Flatts at Essex College in Balto. Maryland.   I have been performing on Second Life for over 2 years and in Real Life for over 20 years.  I have great references from venue owners, and have over 1400 Group members in my group as a single performer. Below you will find some information on me, I look forward to hearing from you soon. His Style of Music: Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, 80's, Dance, Ballads & Oldies, Slow Groove and so much more.
                                          The entertainment last long and it took a while to announce the winners. Unfortunately i lost power for almost 15 minutes. And good thing when i come back they are still deliberating and didn't missed the big announcement. It's a good timing that Anrol announces that she will reveal the winners in a few minutes. Whew! Lucky Me! ~grins.

Anrol had the winners now and she called the Ms Photogenic which won 5000 linden. The best creative talent won 5,000L. All the finalists are guaranteed 5,000Linden as a reward for making it to the top 7th. 6th runner up will win 5,000 Linden, 5th runner up will win 5,000 Linden, 4th runner up will win 5,000 Linden, 3rd runner up will win 10,000 Linden, 2nd runner up will win 25,000 Linden, The 1st Runner Up will win 50,000L. And the top prize money in the said event is ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND LINDEN DOLLARS! Yes! 100,000L will be awarded to the crown winner! The New Ms Hollywood Walk of Fame 2012. A complete Pagent Jewelry from Alyssa Bijoux owner of Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry. Announcement began. The winner for Ms Photogenic would have a trophy from CWS and 5000 linden. Plus a free professional done from CWS house photographer and her/his picture will be posted to our next issue of Classic Glamour W/ Style Magz and also to CWS monthly video.

The 2012 Ms Hollywood Photogenic is Ms Liberty Lighthouse. She recieve her trophy and have a lil speech. Liberty says, smiles big...I would like to say Thank you to my sister Wadie and Pulp Faxel (skinners) for taking my awesome pictures and a big thank you to the Judges and MS Anrol and Mr Steve. xoxox Liberty. Anrol Anthony announces, " Now our next one I would like to give a recognition to our Best Creative outfit and Talent for Ms Hollywood 2012 is Ms...... awww .. heart throbbing. ~grins . Congratulation to our Best Creative Talent 2012 Hollywood Walk of Fame Ms Laci Rossini. Laci says, tyty so much to judges, trainers, and anrol and steve. 6th runner up won 5,000 Linden is Ms Lilmama Artis. 5th runner up goes to Liberty Lighthouse who won 5, 000L. Laci Rossini is the 3rd runner up who won 10000L.

The 3 finalist braced themselves. 2nd runner up who won 25,000 Linden is Ms Sidney Abbot. The moment of truth, to be crowned Ms Hollywood Walk of Fame 2012. We wait for the fireworks and it reveals Ms Suzie Warenwolf will bring home the Bacon. Suzie won 100, 000L while Janet Brink won the second place and she have 50, 000L.

from L to R: Ms Janet Brink ( 1st runner up), Ms Suzie Warenwolf (Center) Crowned winner Ms Hollywood 2012, Ms Sidney Abbot (2nd runner up)

Anrol Anthony announces, Thank you, Contestants! Your hard work and dedication has been an inspiration to many. Thank you for the weeks of effort you've expended to prepare for this day. Applauses and cheers from the audience. Congratulations to all the winners. The pageant was finished and absolutely had a great experience. All models from CWS are all winners. More power to CWS!!! Simply the best indeed!!!.